4 schools shaping the next generation of experts in politics and international relations

Source: University College Cork
Source: University College Cork

As a massive wildfire shoots clouds of ash and smoke into the atmosphere, thousands were forced to evacuate their homes in Oregon. The European Parliament also forecasted that people aged 65 and over will represent a third of the Japanese population by 2036. These are just some of the challenges we face in 2022. 

A qualification in Politics and International Relations will equip you with the skills to shape how governments approach these crucial global issues. It analyses how we influence the culture, society, and economy of our world – and how governments and international institutions fit in the bigger picture. 

How do relationships between nations shape our world? Who holds how much power? What are the political processes that impact our day-to-day lives? These are some questions that will be explored by studying the core areas of politics and international relations at the institutions below:

University College Cork

Source: University College Cork

The Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland), Micheál Martin is a graduate of UCC’s School of History. Source: University College Cork

World-class experts across a range of exciting areas. Ranked in the top 200 universities to pursue politics. Part of the top university in Ireland for research impact. These are reasons why the University College Cork (UCC) School of History is an elite institution, boasting internationally renowned programmes for their expertise, reputation, and research impact.

Take your pick on the historical period you want to focus on through six postgraduate pathways: MA in the Irish Revolution, MA in Local History, MA in Medieval History, MA in History, MA in Strategic Studies, and MA in International Relations. Here, you’ll learn from experts in their respective fields with strong research and publication record – who consistently engage in community and international academic events.

The MA in International Relations is suitable for those wanting to enhance their knowledge in international relations and conflict studies. Picture discussing international order and counter-insurgency issues with a vibrant community of research masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral scholars.

Thanks to an experienced small, supportive and tight-knit team who are student-centered, these programmes foster the development of transferable skills like communication, critical analysis, and attention to detail. It’s historic campus is situated in a UNESCO Learning City and global tourist destination. Recently identified as one of the top ten city destinations by the Lonely Planet guide, Cork is a place not just to visit, but to live and to learn; offering a quality of life and an academic and cultural experience.

Click here to discover how you can be part of a globally-recognised history school that produces graduates in politics, policy-making, and many more.

University of Glasgow

Source: University of Glasgow/Facebook 

The School of Social and Political Sciences offers postgraduate programmes in fields like Central & East European Studies, Politics & International Relations, Public Policy and many more. Source: University of Glasgow/Facebook

The University of Glasgow is nestled within Glasgow’s cosy and cultural West End. Its School of Social and Political Sciences tackles the social and political challenges of our time through research and student education – with 90% or more of its research assessed as “world-leading” or “internationally excellent” (Research Excellence Framework 2021). 

Home to over 250 academic and research staff, the School offers postgraduate programmes in fields like Central and East European Studies, Politics and International Relations, Public Policy and many more. Be it an interest in public policy or economic governance, there’s a career-advancing programme for everyone.

Like the university, the School is a hub for research that informs public debate and contributes to public policy development. The Centre for Business History in Scotland, Scottish Centre for China Research, and Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research are some centres dedicated to research in their respective fields. 

Student life at the University of Glasgow is vibrant too. There are more than 300 student organisations created and run by students. You can choose to participate in music, dance, politics, game development, and many more – or start your own club and society to share your passion, interest, and goals. 

Cardiff University

Source: Cardiff University/Facebook 

Graduates of international relations and politics programmes find their calling in government and diplomatic services, non-governmental organisations, media, and international organisations. Source: Cardiff University/Facebook

As one of the friendliest cities in the UK, the Welsh are wild, legendary, cultured, active, food lovers, fun and trendsetters. These, among many reasons, are why students from all over the world set their sights on Cardiff University, an ambitious and innovative university driven by creativity and curiosity. 

Here, students joining are exposed to a challenging, rigorous and rewarding academic life at the School of Law and Politics, which offers the full range of academic and vocational courses in politics and international relations. 

International relations enthusiasts can consider pursuing International Relations (MSc Econ). The university’s close link to the main institutions of Welsh governance transforms how students evaluate politics and public policy locally and internationally. Students can also understand the political landscape of Wales post-devolution through the Welsh Government and Politics (MScEcon)

These programmes enable students to pursue careers in various fields. Many answer their calling in government and diplomatic services, non-governmental organisations, media, and international organisations. Some have gone on to pursue PhDs and advance their careers in research.

King’s College London

Source: King’s College London/Facebook 

Its International Relations MA is recognised worldwide for its teaching excellence and access to expert faculty members. Source: King’s College London/Facebook

How does King’s College London (KCL) set itself apart from the rest? Its Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy is home to experts on important and dynamic regions around the globe, including the European Union, China, India, Brazil, Russia and the Middle East.

Their research and teaching address pressing issues, including those that relate to security studies, political economy, global health, social risk and resilience, and education and social justice. 

Their International Relations MA is recognised worldwide for its teaching excellence and access to expert faculty members. With KCL’s diverse research community, students learn in a multidisciplinary department devoted to analysing all aspects of war and the broad remit of international relations – including new dimensions of international relations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Situated in the heart of the best student city in the world (QS Best Student Cities 2023), KCL has a wide range of societies for students to participate, engage and interact. They include the International Relations Society, KCL Diplomacy Society, KCL Intelligence and Security Society, KCL Political Economy Society, Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society and War Studies Society.

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