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4 reasons why the University of Bologna is the top choice for you

Instagram-worthy views, rich history, beautiful architecture, great food, world-class universities — these are just a few reasons why many choose to study in Italy.

Zoom in on the southern European country and you’ll find the prestigious University of Bologna (Unibo), an institution that has been around for nine centuries and counting. With such deep history and beauty within Unibo and the city of Bologna, Environmental Engineering student Omran Fadi Al Bardan knew he made the right choice to study here.

“I keep recommending this place to anyone in my country who asks me about life in Italy and Unibo. This university is great and Bologna is magical, loving and honest,” shares Al Bardan.

To him, and many other international students, there are no downsides to choosing Unibo. Here’s why:

It’s the oldest university in the world, yet it remains relevant and innovative

Unibo is the first and oldest university in the Western world, having been founded in 1088. Today, the university offers 104 international programmes, 87 of which are conducted in English.

The university’s 32 departments, 5 schools and 12 research and training centres across Italy are always looking to the future. As Unibo firmly supports the development of an open and accessible science, there is certainly no shortage of digital resources to support one’s learning —here a student can find 55,000 online publications, more than 620,000 electronic books and over 800 databases accessible via the University Library System. As many as 805 classrooms are equipped for blended learning and more than 9,300 training activities available online.

Furthermore, the University of Bologna strives to innovate and make an impact in the world by granting its students the possibility to acquire transferable skills on topics related to entrepreneurship, communication, management, health and safety, and climate change issues among others. Students at Unibo can also benefit from innovative teaching methods thanks to the Teaching Innovation Centre, and they can choose among some optional Minor programmes to pave their way for success in their future studies and the world of work.

Finally, the University of Bologna encourages its students and professors to develop entrepreneurial ideas by organising several events throughout the academic year, such as the Start Up Day and the call for spin-off ideas.

Study grants and scholarships are available

Unibo cares about the financial well-being of its students. This is why the university offers many types study grants and scholarships for all levels of programmes, with some of these open to both local and international students and others specifically intended for international students only.

“I know that it can be financially difficult for an international student to study abroad, especially if they come from a non-EU country. In my case, I realised it was financially possible to study at Unibo thanks to these scholarships and opportunities,” shares Dilan Kahraman. “Once I felt better about my financial situation, I started searching for international engineering degree programmes and I applied for two different programmes.”

There are also exemptions and incentives, paid tutoring activities, housing, meal vouchers, and tuition fee subsidies that students can apply for.

For Al Bardan, he was especially grateful for the extensive range of financial aid he got from Unibo. “I came here with enough budget for a couple of months, I can’t describe how happy and grateful I was and still am that the university granted me a fee waiver. This means the world to me: this institution didn’t know me and was willing to give me the chance to learn here,” he shares.

“But there’s more, the university also offers jobs to students. I applied to work a part-time job (150 hours) and ended up at the Library of Statistical Sciences ‘Paolo Fortunati,’ right in the centre of Bologna. That was such a great experience!”

A seamless admission process

University of Bologna

The university has over 90,000 students, which includes 7,000 international students. Source: University of Bologna

It’s easy to apply to Unibo. The application process is seamless and straightforward. However, as each programme has its own deadlines, procedures may vary according to admission tests and type of degree, among others.

To apply, choose the degree programme you are interested in from the programme catalogue by using the filters for the type of degree programme, the language of instruction, campus location, and field of study.

Check the “Admission” section on each degree programme’s website, where you will find information on intakes, deadlines and requirements. Read the call for applications carefully and apply by the deadlines indicated. That’s it!

The best part? Some degree programmes are now accepting applications for the September/October 2022 intake, with the rest soon opening the application process in the coming months. Students can check out Unibo’s events and open days for more information on the application process too.

The university boasts a multi-campus structure

University of Bologna

Students will love what each campus offers. Source: University of Bologna

Unibo has campuses in five Italian cities: Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini. They are home to over 90,000 students, including more than 7,000 international students.

Each city has its own history and culture, presenting unique experiences to every student. Students will love what each campus offers too, as they provide students with another unique opportunity – that of walking through facilities dating back to centuries ago before entering modern classrooms and laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology. What’s more, each campus offers its own set of degree programmes that fit perfectly within the campus and location.

Just ask Dilan, an Offshore Engineering student from Turkey. “Offshore Engineering is a unique degree programme in Italy. It’s taught in the Ravenna Campus, which is in a very strategic location for offshore activities,” she says.

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