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4 reasons why students choose UNC Wilmington

Zoom in on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, and you’ll discover Wilmington. Just minutes from many white, sandy beaches, this “Port City” is home to pockets of real beauty and charm. A renowned historical district and a vibrant art culture enrich the soul further.

It’s a place that Yuanfeng Zhou found and has no plans to leave. Zhou left the city lights, 24 million people and authentic Chinese cuisine in Shanghai to join at Apex High School in Apex, North Carolina.

Having found her own piece of home right here in Wilmington, Zhou felt it was only right for her to go to university here. That’s when she discovered the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNC Wilmington)

Spending more time amongst diverse people and in its distinctive relaxed pace, Zhou grew to love the city more. “This is the one thing I love about my stay here in the US,” she said. “Although I set out to experience America, I got to experience more cultures in one place as a bonus.”

Touted as one of the most attractive campuses in the South, UNC Wilmington is like no other. Graduate Amaya De Vleeschauwer from Germany can confirm this — she fell in love with UNC Wilmington and the city. She loved the campus, its proximity to the beaches and its culture. “I had the most amazing time while attending college,” said Vleeschauwer. “I enjoyed the togetherness, openness and how welcome everyone made me feel.” 

The university’s Cameron School of Business is among the country’s best — it prepares students for successful professional careers and produces impactful research. Aspiring entrepreneurs, dedicated scholars and practitioners join as students and leave as highly sought-after graduates with the right skillsets. Not convinced? These fast facts more than prove it: 

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Aspiring entrepreneurs, dedicated scholars and practitioners join the Cameron School of Business as students and leave as highly sought-after graduates with the right skillsets. Source: University of North Carolina Wilmington

It boasts an international MBA programme

At the Cameron School of Business, students have the rare opportunity to pursue an international MBA programme — a master’s programme combining travel, adventure, and culture with a profound academic experience.

Part of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA), the programme allows students to complete two master’s degrees in two universities in two countries — all in one and a half years. The IBSA comprises six universities in countries such as France, Germany, Russia, Spain, the UK, and the US. Such a unique programme allows students to stand out — a fact graduate Joel Turner can confirm. 

“I have been offered and accepted a Product Marketing Senior Specialist job with Lenovo. Throughout the process, I relayed my education and experience UNC Wilmington’s IMBA programme gave me,” explained Turner. “In my final interview before being offered, the director of marketing said it was my international experience and cultural immersion of Spain that made me stand out over all the other candidates.” 

Students find their specialisation

Through the international MBA, students explore the core modules before choosing their specialisations — each university offers different specialisations. If a student chooses to spend part of their IMBA at UNC Wilmington, they can specialise in International Finance and Investments

Aspiring global financial managers can learn from an excellent faculty in a state-of-the-art financial trading room with access to Bloomberg terminals. As graduates, they’ll be ready to make financial and investment decisions within the context of the current global economy and the political, regulatory and corporate governance aspects of finance. 

University of North Carolina Wilmington

A team-building activity happening during orientation at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Source:  University of North Carolina Wilmington

Its prestige is seen through strong rankings and recognition by publications

High-quality and innovative programmes are offered at the Cameron School of Business — a fact many accreditations and organisations show. Just this year, the school is ranked 57th on Poets and Quants Best Undergraduate Business Schools List; achieved Tier One for CEO Magazine’s North American MBA Programme Rankings; is ranked 49th for CEO Magazine’s Global Executive MBA Rankings; is ranked 36th for CEO Magazine’s Global Online MBA Rankings. 

Graduates enjoy career success

Such academic excellence allows students to achieve great things. Here, an average of 94% Cameron School of Business graduates gain placements — including graduate school enrolment — within six months after graduation. That’s not all — 65% of students have completed an internship by the time they graduate. 

The above facts are more than just reasons for students to choose UNC Wilmington. They are proof that the university is dedicated to integrating teaching, mentoring, research and service — offering a robust academic experience to local and international students alike. 

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