4 reasons why Idaho is one of the coolest U.S. states to study in

“In the back of a car on a road in the dark, in the stillicide, silently falling snow,
I have packed everything that I own in a bag, and I’m driving, I’m driving to Idaho.” 
– Nerina Pallot
With 50 separate states hosting what is arguably considered the greatest education system in the world, the decision of where to pursue a degree in the USA is not made particularly easy.

While we’ve all heard the hype surrounding states like New York, California and Florida, there are a host of other U.S. states (47 to be exact…) that are constantly underrated…

…And we feel that Idaho is one of them!

That’s right, the famous ‘tater state (yup – number one for growing, harvesting and selling of potatoes!) has got some serious game in the world of higher education. This beautiful region in northern USA is home to 1.6 million of the friendliest people around, but that’s not the only thing that makes it one of the coolest international student destinations in the USA.

While we understand that Idaho is so very cool, we could be here for eternity trying to reel off all the reasons – and we have no doubt that we’d still miss a ton! So we’ve picked out 4 of our favourite reasons why Idaho is the coolest place to study:

1. Idaho has more hot springs than anywhere else in the U.S…


With 340 geothermal hot springs for students to enjoy at their leisure, there’s almost a different spring to visit every day for those who can’t get enough! What other state can compare to that, huh?! What’s better than kicking back with buddies as you float around in a pool that literally warms your soul – and it really is good for you, too!

For those not willing to sit long enough to enjoy Idaho’s temperate bubbles, there’s also the 500-mile Idaho Hot Springs Route – a 500-mile loop of more than 50 hot springs, and an opportunity not to be missed for any keen biker.

2. While we’re on the subject of water – Idaho is also home to more white water than any other state…

That’s right, Idaho is the white water capital of the U.S, and that means plenty of opportunity for action and adventure for students of this region. The middle fork of the Salmon River – which falls slap-bang in the middle of Idaho – boasts 90 miles of class II-IV rapids, stunning sandy beaches, hot springs and the perfect setting for fly fishing. Although permits for this area are pretty hard to come by, don’t let it get you down, because Idaho is home to a total 3,000 miles of white water, so there’s plenty enough to go round.

3. Idaho is home to the country’s tallest sand dune – and you can even sandboard down it…

Located just outside of Mountain Home is Bruneau Dunes State Park, home to the tallest single structured sand dune in the U.S. The fluid 470ft peak presents hours of endless fun, as one giant leap up results in a colossal tumble down, but when you finally get to the top, the opportunity to cruise down on a board is not to be missed, nor forgotten!

The park also hosts camping facilities – including some lovely cabins – throughout the year, so why not take the crew for an entire weekend packed full of sand-based fun!

4. Pocatello, Idaho’s Gate City …


Nicknamed the Gate City, Pocatello is situated a short distance from several national treasures, such as beloved Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, and  Craters of the Moon National Monumnet. It is the perfect one-stop shop for travellers to gear up before driving into these national parks. Pocatello has served this purpose since the 1800s when pioneers would gear up before traveling over the Rocky Mountains.


This article is sponsored by Idaho State University (ISU), an ideal option for international students looking for a U.S. university education that won’t break the bank. Founded in 1901, ISU is an intimate university, home to 14,000 students from across the U.S. and almost 60 countries worldwide. With more than 250 programs, ISU is the state’s lead institution in health professions. Faculty and students also lead the way in areas such as energy, nuclear research, teaching, humanities, engineering, performing arts and technology. ISU’s main campus in Pocatello is located less than three hours’ drive from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and allows students a laid-back lifestyle in the midst of a stunning natural environment. 

Feature image courtesy of Idaho State Universiy.

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