4 reasons to study at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Law

Set in Finland, a nation that’s consistently ranked one of the best places in the world to live in terms of stability, quality of life and education, the University of Helsinki – one of the most esteemed multidisciplinary, research-led institutions in the globe – offers a wealth of experiences and benefits to the international student community.

Globally renowned for its high-quality teaching, research and innovation, Helsinki’s strong knowledge economy is one that appeals to students past, present and future. In fact, global ranking bodies frequently place it among the Top 20 universities in Europe, and among the world’s top one percent of research universities.

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The university is a significant international player and a distinguished, multicultural institution. With 11 faculties and four campuses based in the Finnish capital, it plays host to a whopping over 35,000 students – six percent of whom are foreigners – making it Finland’s largest higher education provider. The majority of international applicants cite the institution’s world-leading reputation and widespread international outlook among their reasons for choosing a University of Helsinki education.

Through its diverse portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes, Helsinki enriches students at all levels and of virtually any discipline.

The university’s Faculty of Law in particular enjoys special prestige. It is recognised as one of the most comprehensive and globally-focused facets of the entire institution, and consistently produces qualified, ethically responsible legal professionals, readily-equipped with the expertise to conquer the competitive markets of global law.

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Here are 4 reasons for you to study at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Law:

1. Its Master’s degree programme in International Business Law is among the best in the world…

The Faculty’s two-year, full-time graduate programme in International Business Law is delivered entirely in English, attracting aspiring lawyers from all corners of the globe. Aimed at graduates already in possession of a Bachelor’s degree in Law or another related field, this programme’s extensive specialisation in International Business Law (IBL) is specifically-designed to serve the needs of the competitive labour market.

In addition to the fundamental IBL topics, including contract law, company law, competition law, IP Law and commercial dispute resolution; students are given the chance to study exciting topics such as EU Law, International Tax Law, Trade and Transport Law, and Russian/Chinese Business Law; on top of the opportunity to obtain an invaluable multidisciplinary degree by taking courses that cross the boundaries of other faculties and disciplines.

2. Helsinki’s MICL degree offers outstanding employment prospects…

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Upon graduation from the MDP in International Business Law, students are highly-qualified for global careers in legal practice, as well as legal academia, and are guaranteed a wealth of career options both in Finland and abroad. With the Helsinki Masters certificate in hand, graduates need not fret over finding employment, especially if they’re looking for opportunities in business law.

With its flawless reputation for excellence and innovation, the Helsinki education is respected worldwide, and a degree earned at such a prominent institution is guaranteed to take you places.

3. It gives students the unique opportunity to study EU Law or International Law…

European Law – teaching and research in this discipline focus on the structure and content of the EU legal order, as well as the relationship between domestic and international law. It covers all areas of continental law, honing in on EU treaties and the legislation they inspired, on top of the case law of the Court of Justice and Human Rights provisions.

International Law – encompasses the rules and principles that deal with the conduct of states, as well of international organisations in their relation to one another. In today’s increasingly globalised and interdependent society, a large number of global agreements must be made to regulate cross-border issues such as pollution, organised crime, banking, transportation, sale of goods and services, human rights and many more. Through exceptional, research-informed teaching, Helsinki’s Faculty of Law sends lawyers into the world with firm knowledge of these subjects.

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4. All teachers within the Faculty are internationally-experienced professionals and leading experts of their fields…

Through advanced-level teaching in a rich array of disciplines, students are encouraged to develop a critical approach to law and legal education in general. Employing 140 innovative teachers and researchers to deliver exceptional programmes to more than 2,300 students, Helsinki’s Faculty of Law aims equips students with the tools they need to succeed in a challenging global sector.

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