4 overseas internships for high school students
Travel overseas for a unique internship experience. Source: Shutterstock

Pursuing an internship abroad can be very beneficial for high school students, allowing them to expand their résumé and discover themselves in the process.

When the time comes for applying to college, having interesting internship experience can give students an edge over other applicants.

Seeing new cultures and travelling opens up the mind to new experiences and teaches high school-ers valuable life lessons in making new friends, stepping out of their comfort zone, and being appreciative of what they have.

If safety is a concern for parents, be sure to apply for established and reputable programmes like the ones on this list.

The summer of 2019 is only five months away, so now’s a good time to start researching and applying for summer internships and programmes.

Check out this list of cool internships abroad that high school students can apply for:

Language Immersion in Spain

Students learning about Spanish culture during the Language Immersion Program. Source: Go Overseas

What better way to learn a new language than to immerse yourself in it? LITA, a unique, rural-focused language immersion program in Spain offers dynamic, academically-challenging programmes in the vibrant elements of Spanish language and culture.

Allowing students to fully absorb the culture, the five and a half week programme centres on a three-week homestay with families in a small or medium-sized community, located in either northern or southern Spain.

While there, students choose to either participate in a volunteer internship with a local business, to take language classes, or to complete an independent research project on a cultural topic of their choice.

The rest of the time they’re free to explore more rural areas of the country, focusing on language study as it relates to family life, food, music, history, art and outdoor experiences.

For more information about LITA and how to apply, please click here.

High School Summer Program in Nepal

Internship students getting real-world experience in Nepal. Source: Projects Abroad

Another reason why high school internships are good is that they allow students to explore their areas of interest, helping them uncover whether they really want to pursue it as a college major or future career.

Managed under Projects Abroad, this summer programme is good for students thinking of a embarking on a career in medicine or health care.

Under this programme, students can volunteer at a local school or hospital and learn about Nepali culture as they live with a local host family or international hostel.

There are opportunities for students interested in the following areas: Care & Community, Building, Medicine, and Physical Therapy.

For more details, please visit Projects Abroad.

EF Gap Semester in England

Students will attend this prestigious Leadership Academy, in partnership with Ashridge Business School. Source: Go Overseas

For students looking to pursue a longer programme, there’s the option of doing a semester abroad in beautiful England, no less!

The EF Gap Semester is 12-week programme beginning in either September or January, depending on which the student prefers.

It kicks off with a group orientation and discovery tour of Europe, then two 4-week modules which can be personalised, allowing students to combine either a language course, volunteer service, or internship.

The semester culminates in a final leadership seminar at an English castle, a farewell tour of Ireland and Scotland, and a gala banquet.

For more information, please visit EF Education First.

Summer Camp in China

Check out some of China’s historic attractions, like the Great Wall, when you attend the Summer Camp. Source: Chinese Internship Placements

The Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing and Shanghai is a decade-old program, educating teenagers in Chinese culture and Mandarin.

Fun yet educational, the summer camp aims to encourage immersion in Chinese culture, to foster positive networking and build social connections.

Campers will be able to learn Mandarin as well as travel to famous attractions in China, such as the Great Wall, play typical Chinese games and learn traditional Chinese skills like calligraphy and making dumplings.

It’s also very safe, with 24/7 supervision and support, along with US$100k Insurance coverage, so parents can rest easy.

For more information, please visit the main website.

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