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International schools are popular for many reasons. More than just a place to get good grades and prepare for university, the right international school can empower children to achieve all of this — and so much more. 

The best international schools offer advanced and versatile curricula. The goal isn’t just to get students into the world’s top universities, but to build a foundation for a fulfilling life. To complement this, many schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities that develop life skills and character as well. They take students outside of the four walls of the classroom, letting them explore the outdoors, join activities, establish clubs and organisations aligned with their aspirations, and even travel abroad. 

The setting? Asia. With tiger economies, bustling city centres and rich geography, it’s little surprise why the continent boasts learning environments filled with all the right stimulation that expand young minds and hearts.

If you’re looking for an international school in Asia that can help set your child up for success, here are four worth considering:

Amnuay Silpa School

international schools

ANS provides a bilingual education without compromising local traditions. Source: Amnuay Silpa School

Few schools are as dynamic as Amnuay Silpa School (ANS). Picture tomorrow’s leaders and changemakers pursuing an internationally-excellent education while retaining their Thai identity. At the same time, students work in hospitals, develop resilience in the great outdoors, evolve into award-winning musicians and artists, and learn the true meaning of protecting our earth’s natural wonders. When it comes to bringing aspirations to life, resources and opportunities are offered in abundance at ANS.

Such progressive approaches are typical of schools rich in history. Established in 1926, ANS is the only co-educational day school in Thailand that is truly bilingual, offering a rigorous, holistic and enjoyable combination which consists of the Thai National Curriculum and UK Curriculum (IGCSE and A Levels) in three phases: Foundation, Primary, and Secondary. That’s not all that sets ANS apart — it is also the first and only accredited Advanced Thinking School in Asia.

The signature ANS curriculum follows a five key-stage approach. The Foundation and Primary phases provide a progressive and enjoyable learning experience for students between the ages of three and 11. In the Secondary Phase, students take on both the UK curriculum and the Thai curriculum. An international track is available as well, which entails dropping the bilingual programme for a more specialised route to universities abroad. 

Life beyond the classroom is just as enriching for learners at ANS. The After School Programme uses a holistic approach to ensure students are able to develop their interests and nurture their talents through various activities. And since every child here is viewed as a unique individual, there are over 100 After School activities led by both ANS educators and qualified external providers. These include chess, robotics, sports, yoga, ballet, cooking, STEM, Thai dance, Chinese, and many more. To learn more about ANS’s high-quality holistic education tailor-made to meet the individual needs of its students, click here.

The British International School of Kuala Lumpur

international schools

Here, a promising education that will set your child up for success awaits. Source: The British International School of Kuala Lumpur

A curriculum for every age group. Enriching extracurriculars developed in collaboration with the likes of Juilliard, MIT and UNICEF. Internationally-qualified educators. A modern, facility-filled campus that never fails to exhilarate. A firm ambition to ensure pupils’ happiness and well-being are as important as their academic achievement. These are just a few of the elements that make The British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL) — a Nord Anglia education school — the dynamic institution it’s known for being.

Consider it a home for the talented and the ambitious. Stroll the campus and you’ll see pupils from Pre-Nursery to Sixth Form — representing over 60 nationalities — learning and developing new skills in various ways. At BSKL, responsive teaching methods ensure each student receives individualised learning which consists of personalised learning goals and strategies. This approach enhances the strengths of the English National Curriculum with the excitement that comes with exploring personal interests. With so much to explore beyond classrooms, it’s little wonder why.

BSKL’s enrichment programme covers everything — from debating and drama to photography and chess. The lineup is adapted regularly based on feedback and relevance. Of course, engaging with local charities is important here too — a goal set in place to ensure every young learner is able to help themselves by empathising with others.

North London Collegiate School Jeju

international schools

Students start here to go anywhere. Source: North London Collegiate School Jeju

Jeju Island in South Korea is an amazing location for students, staff, and families. With a beautiful countryside, a stunning coastline, a towering dormant volcano, 360 satellite volcanic hills — and more — it is a privilege to live and study within one of the world’s new Seven Wonders of Nature. 

Enter North London Collegiate School Jeju (NLCS Jeju), a day and boarding international school for girls and boys aged four to 18. NLCS Jeju students come from Korea, China, Japan, and the rest of Asia. Here, they follow the world-renowned British curriculum without having to go to the UK — saving money and enjoying a closer distance to home. They really can start here to go anywhere. 

Starting this exceptional beginning at NLCS Jeju, many graduates go on to enjoy happy lives as global citizens and future world leaders. Its Junior School is a friendly and warm place for children aged four to 11. They pursue an ambitious education programme in small classes that ensure quality interaction with their teachers. Its Senior School is just as prolific. Through key stages of their education, they work towards sitting for the IGCSE course and then follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme, both of which boast outstanding results by past students, thanks to NLCS Jeju’s academic excellence. 

Pair good grades with a wealth of co-curricular opportunities, and NLCS Jeju students evolve into exceptional individuals who believe that anything is possible. From sports to music, drama, art and leadership, students have almost 150 different activities and academic societies to choose from every week. 

Dover Court International School

international schools

Kindness and empathy are a core part of the student experience at Singapore’s Dover Court International School. Source: Dover Court International School

Singapore’s Dover Court International School is widely known for being a caring and community-orientated school. Students are not just taught the tools for future scholastic success; they also learn about empathy and connection in equal measure. It is a kindness-first approach, and it is one that is proving popular among expat families living on the picturesque island.

Fostering a culture of kindness among students is important, where real peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher connections are made, as it promotes understanding and empathy. At Dover Court International School, creating an environment of real trust and depth within classroom learning allows for individual students to feel valued and their unique individual contributions acknowledged. Positive emotional environments allow for students to learn more efficiently and with greater awareness.

Community and inclusivity have always been a central focus at Dover Court International School, and these qualities are paramount as young children and teens learn to adapt to the “new normal” so to speak. Care in times of uncertainty, an emphasis on kindness towards others, and the strong foundations and perspectives of international education are a winning combination for the planet’s future.

Teaching the English National Curriculum, Dover Court International School starts their term in August along with other schools in the northern hemisphere, making it an ideal choice for parents wanting to enjoy the long, sun-filled days of European and UK summers.