MBA students will learn in a dynamic environment at Bayes Business School with a diverse student cohort representing 100 countries. Source: Bayes Business School
Source: Bayes Business School

How do you stay competitive in the age of globalisation and digitalisation? One of the most beneficial investments a professional can make to achieve this today is to get an MBA. 

Over the last few decades, an MBA has become one of the most in-demand qualifications. Not only does it help you advance your knowledge in accounting and marketing, but it also helps shape an entrepreneurial mindset, connects you to the best minds around the world and equips you with the know-how to respond to emerging technologies — all in all, making you ready for the careers of today and tomorrow.

Consider these four European business schools for a world-class MBA education.

Bayes Business School

Between London’s financial heart Square Mile and the entrepreneurial hub of Tech City lies “triple crown” accredited institution Bayes Business School. Previously known as Cass Business School, it has been delivering excellent business education for over 50 years.

Here, there’s an MBA to suit every need and schedule: Full-time MBA, Executive MBA (evening or weekend), or Global (online) MBA. The MBA is a unique blend of theory and practice, engaging and enriching students in many ways. Learning is varied, using a mixture of lectures, electives and projects. Most tackle real-world problems, with insights from outstanding academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs and world-renowned business leaders.

Learning is hands-on across all MBA programmes. They’re led by academics with industry experience and experts in their respective fields. Under their tutelage, there are many opportunities for students to gain commercial acumen and to work with a wide range of clients from an early stage.

This search to know more lives on even after students graduate. Statistician Thomas Bayes, the School’s namesake, theorised that we get closer to the truth by constantly updating our beliefs in proportion to the weight of new evidence. It’s this that informs MBA programmes here — and drives graduates to return to their London campus and access one free elective every year. It’s an annual upskilling and lifelong learning that benefit both their evolving careers and the alma mater that made it all possible.

IE Business School

Each MBA offered at IE University is tailored to the specific needs and interests of distinct professional profiles. Prefer a traditional campus experience and want to explore all that Spain’s golden capital has to offer? The full-time, year-long options offered — International MBA, Tech MBA — fulfil these requirements and more.

Looking for more flexibility? The Global Online MBA — ranked first worldwide by QS — lets students choose the time and place of their postgraduate education. Students can personalise both the duration of their degree — from 17 to 24 months — and electives according to their interests. As its format shows, the curriculum makes it the ideal pathway for those seeking to enhance their digital fluency and discover how to disrupt traditional business models. 

IE’s Executive MBAs are taught by a faculty of world-class educators who double as international sector experts. They ensure a learning experience which includes enriching discussions with guest speakers, professors and peers — a feature that explains why IE graduates can adeptly handle today’s latest business challenges. At IE Business School, there’s an option for every ambitious professional, regardless of their specific needs or aspirations.

IE University takes a forward-thinking approach to education called “Liquid Learning”. It breaks down the barriers between online and in-person worlds to create a seamless, highly flexible educational experience.

The program begins with a Core Business Period where students have the choice between four labs — Business Impact Lab, Start-up Lab, Tech Lab, Social Impact Lab — or an International MBA.

St. Gallen University

The University of St.Gallen, a Triple Crown accredited institution, believes an innovative programme — integrating leadership, technology and personal development — is all executives need to feel energised to conquer a mountain.

The university’s Executive Master’s Programmes target professionals who are no strangers to leadership but are keen on upgrading their career profiles through comprehensive management training. Each is rigorous, yet highly flexible to ensure upskillers will be as prepared conquering high peaks as they are drumming up the courage to make the invaluable hike down the valley — with no need to put their existing responsibilities aside. 

However, only one programme has the power to evolve executives into socially responsible innovators: the emba X. The programme is jointly offered by the University of St.Gallen and ETH Zurich to bridge the gaps between general management, technology and leadership — a dynamic combination in today’s digitised world run by the likes of Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Nvidia, Tencent and others.

The Social Impact Project — a consultancy-style group assignment that entails working on a challenge put forward by non-profit organisations in the east of Switzerland — is a concrete way to get a head start. While leveraging years of experience, they review their assumptions, develop empathy towards others, and adopt more refreshed approaches to decision-making.

Projects include helping a young NGO unlock the value of soils for human well-being, as well as climate and biodiversity action; expanding the business of an organic and fair-trade spice start-up to France; and measuring the impact of a project supporting 1,000 micro-entrepreneurs in low-income countries like Kenya, Ghana, and the Philippines.

ESMT Berlin

ESMT Berlin is one of only four business schools in Germany to hold the Triple Crown  accreditation – which signifies the highest distinction of quality for business schools worldwide. Those who want to pursue an MBA can choose from a wide range of programmes including a Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, Executive MBA and Global Online MBA. Whether you’re looking for a career change or promotion, each of these programmes can help realise a wide range of aspirations.

Programmes here combine a rigorous curriculum, experiential learning and a strong emphasis on leadership and management skills — all of which take place in a supportive and collaborative environment. 

“What surprised me most was how well-curated the content of the courses were. Concepts were introduced in such a way that they reappeared across different courses at opportune times. This allowed us to comprehend the concept from multiple angles,” says Marie Kober, full-time MBA alumna and founder of senvo.

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