4 business schools empowering tomorrow’s global leaders
Source: Bloomsbury Institute London

A business school education can open doors just as well as it can open minds. Leading innovators such as Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon, Apple’s Tim Cook, and Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai are prime examples of this. Their strategic acumen has steered groundbreaking revolutions that have profoundly transformed modern life.

With their successes in mind, it’s easy to understand why employers believe in the power of a b-school experience. In fact, the latest poll by the Graduate Management Admission Council shows their strong hiring confidence for business school graduates, despite economic challenges. “Most employers believe business schools are effectively equipping graduates with crucial skills to navigate an AI-influenced world,” says GMAC CEO Joy Jones.

If you’re looking to innovate the next big thing or just ensure your entire career is spent ahead of the curve, here are four business schools worth considering:

Source: Bloomsbury Institute

Bloomsbury Institute

An accredited postgraduate programme that’s faster and cheaper to achieve than one in Canada, Australia and the US, paired with the wonders of living in London, one of the most exciting cities in the world — that’s what you stand to gain from a Bloomsbury Institute master’s degree.

Located in a historic area in central London long associated with art, culture and education, Bloomsbury Institute aims to break down barriers to international education. Hence why all its degrees are designed to provide access to UK higher education and graduate-level jobs to those who might not otherwise gain access. The MSc Finance and Wealth Management is open to all applicants with quantitative skills — a degree in Accounting or Finance is not a requirement. 

All degrees have a distinct vocational element to ensure graduates are work-ready and can secure graduate-level employment. For example, MSc Business Management students receive a CMI Level 7 qualification and can apply for Chartered Manager status, the highest status that can be achieved in the management and leadership profession. 

Whichever programme you choose, the Personal Tutoring (PT) scheme provides additional guidance and support for postgraduate students. There are regular meetings with peers and staff members in a less formal atmosphere than in the classroom. Through a combination of group and one-to-one sessions, students can discuss their course, and their experiences at Bloomsbury Institute, raise issues, ask questions and receive pastoral support as well. Click here to learn more about Bloomsbury Institute’s programmes.

Students are assessed through coursework (essays, reports), presentations, exams, projects and dissertations. Source: Buckingham Business School/Facebook

Buckingham Business School

At Buckingham Business School (BBS), students come first. That’s because they belong to the University of Buckingham, which for the eighth time since participating in the National Student Survey 12 years ago, has emerged as the top-ranked institution in the UK for student satisfaction.

Here, business programmes are tailored to give students a global, real-world perspective quickly. BBS accelerated two-year honours degrees equivalent to a three-year honours degree elsewhere — meaning their graduates enter the world of work a year earlier than their peers. 

Students can pursue the MBA, MSc Accounting and Finance, MSc Finance and Investment, MSc Management in a Digital Service Economy, MSc Strategic Marketing & Customer Experience Management, or the Professional Doctorate in Operational Excellence. Regardless, all greatly benefit from personalised teaching approaches in intimate classrooms. 

BBS’s successful graduates prove the effectiveness of its methods. They’ve swiftly climbed ladders in diverse fields of business, including financial services, consultancy, accounting, sales and marketing, operations, human resource management, and information technology. Wherever they go, they arrive ready — as confirmed by graduate Yvonne Migwi, who pursued the MSc Management in a Global Service Economy.

“I have matured intellectually and socially, which has prepared me even more in unpredictable ways for my career,” she says. “My highlight of the programme was the quality of the content delivered by the lecturers who have extensive professional and academic experience. The practical case studies carried out in groups led me to have a macro view on today’s globalised realm essential for the continuation of my professional career.”

95% of Edinburgh Napier University Business School graduates are in work or further study 15 months after graduation. Source: Edinburgh Napier University/Facebook

Edinburgh Napier University

Ranked by THE World University Rankings 2023 as the most modern university in Scotland, Edinburgh Napier University operates from a modern multi-campus equipped with purpose-built facilities and the latest technologies. Here, students are continuously challenged to think creatively and effectively solve problems, ensuring they excel in any business environment they choose to operate in. On-campus programmes are flexible, allowing them to focus on specialised areas and explore possibilities for a joint degree. 

These programmes — that offer the latest business knowledge and theory with practical, real-world applications — are just what executives need to navigate tomorrow’s industries. For example, the Full-Time, Part-Time and online programmes are renowned for empowering students to think boldly and make an impact. 

To aid students in learning, the university offers a dedicated careers team and a business start-up incubator to help students to achieve their professional goals. Known as the Bright Red Triangle, this incubator is perfect for innovative students who seek guidance to seize opportunities, refine their concepts, and kickstart their entrepreneurial ventures. 

GBS has a vibrant community of over 1,000 learners. Source: TU Dublin/Facebook

Technological University (TU) Dublin

TU Dublin was established as the first Technological University in Ireland and has now become a leading player in the country. Its Graduate Business School (GBS) at is internationally accredited and award-winning. It’s also the educational partner to leading Irish and International organisations. This level of trust stems from the fact that GBS effortlessly develops leaders who are responsible problem solvers with the ability to innovate and navigate change. 

Here, each programme offered is co-designed with business and community partners to ensure a balance between academic excellence and real-world relevance. At the same time, they focus on helping learners develop the crucial soft skills required for career success.

Among GBS’s impressive lineup is the MBA, MSc Accounting, MSc Digital & Content Marketing, Masters in Business & Entrepreneurship, MSc Finance, MSc Marketing, and the MSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

All programmes help learners develop attributes that will add significant value to any organisation they join, including emotional intelligence, intercultural communication, critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, global citizenship, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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