4 benefits of complementing your degree with online courses
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University’s a hectic time – between balancing classes and assignments with hanging out with friends and travelling, it’s a wonder how we’re able to fit everything in.

But if you’re thinking about what comes next after graduation and worrying whether you’ll be able to stand out among all the other graduates vying for jobs, then you might want to sign up for an online course.

We know what you’re thinking: “What? Add to my already back-breaking workload??”

But hear us out: if you can find the time (and it is possible), there are a few benefits to taking on an online course that might just convince you that it’s worth it.

1. You get to enhance your job prospects

Even if we get to study our dream degree programme, sometimes it’s not quite what we want it to be in terms of modules. Maybe you’re taking Marketing, but you’re interested in becoming a social media manager for a multi-national company. If your programme doesn’t offer a Statistics or Big Data course, then it’d be a good idea to take the initiative and undertake a relevant online course, which will impress recruitment officers in the future.

2. It’s flexible

Online courses are much more flexible than traditional on-campus courses, so you can work through it at your own pace. If you need to earn credits to fulfill general course requirements, then taking an online course will allow you some breathing space to prioritise your face-to-face modules while satisfying your university’s requirements.

3. You’ll get to graduate on time

You do not want to wait until your final year of college to find out that you’re several credits short from being able to graduate and may have to extend your studies. But if you ever find yourself in this situation, then taking online courses to make up for the deficit will help you graduate on time, saving you thousands in additional tuition fees and rent.

4. It’ll make it easier for you to graduate with a double major

If you’re a go-getter and aim to graduate with a double (or even triple) major, then taking online courses will ease your burden by allowing you to juggle your workload better.

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