4 agile Business Schools in the APAC region

“It is during the bad times that the skilled manager lays firm foundations for future growth.” – Konosuke Matsushita, Founder of Panasonic

The past two years have spurred turbulent times in the global business sector. A stormy 2015 triggered the blustering business voyage that shook the world the year that followed, with China’s mounting debt prompting global market concern; the South Korean presidential scandal causing social unrest; and the election of a reality TV star who makes open threats to free trade adding uncertainty to the already volatile world economy.

It’s certainly been a memorable stretch for business, and one that has called for relentless reassurance and robust management strategies from industry leaders around the world. But in the face of rising adversity, there’s one global region that continues to defy the odds…

“Despite the building turmoil, 2016 marked the third year in a row that the Asia-Pacific PE industry has performed at historic or near-historic levels – a sign that PE performance in the region is increasingly dependent on the industry’s unique set of fundamentals,” notes a recent industry Bain & Company report.

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“Private Equity deal value in the Asia-Pacific region reached $92 billion in 2016, a pullback from 2015’s all-time high and $124 billion, but the second-best year on record,” the insight explains.

And with countries like Singapore prevailing over more developed nations, coming second in the world in terms of competitive talent, and snagging the top spot in the region for the fourth consecutive year, business coming from the region undoubtedly packs some clout. But what is it that Asia-Pacific (APAC) businesses are doing to dominate international contenders?

According to CPA Australia Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey for 2016, it’s the younger and more innovative small business owners that are setting the pace for growth and optimisation in the sector.

After analysing 2,900 participants from eight separate markets, the report highlighted that these savvy managers and entrepreneurs are much more likely to be younger than 40 than in other global regions. On top of this, these sharp business leaders are planning a considerable boost to their hiring and training efforts throughout the year, understanding the need to enhance staff skillsets in line with company growth.

According to the figures, of the businesses that forecast heightened innovation via the launch of a brand-new product, service or process that’s unique to their market, brand, or even the entire world, a total 93 percent can expect to see significant, lasting growth.

So if you’re hoping to succeed in the dynamic business sector, here are 4 agile Business Schools in the booming APAC region that will help you on your way…


Image courtesy of the University of Tasmania

Striving to drive general well-being, economic and social development for the people of Tasmania and surrounding communities, the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics (TSBE) stands as a beacon of academic pride for business in the APAC arena. Fostering a unique culture of resilience, adaptability and sustainable growth, the School is dedicated to the cultivation of entrepreneurship and innovation, while acknowledging the complex challenges of the 21st century life.

The specialised MBA from Tasmanian School of Business instils you with the expertise needed to fly in the diverse management field, preparing you to excel in the fields of human resources, marketing, professional accounting or any other lucrative career that requires an exclusive business skillset. This MBA offers a July 2017 intake, as well as January 2018 and July 2018 intakes.

Here, the Corporate Internship Program offers the practical experience that helps students shine, integrating theoretical learning with real-world practice in a professional business context. Exceptional industry connections with local, national and international organisations present unparalleled opportunities to network with key industry players, giving students the chance to make their mark on the people who matter the most.

On top of all this, the highly-respected program is specifically-designed for those with little to no previous experience, giving you the invaluable opportunity to fast-track your career and pave your way to business success. Click here to find out more about the outstanding MBA program from the University of Tasmania.


Set in southeast Queensland, the fastest-growing region in Australia, Griffith Business School is a globally-reputed business-focused institution in the heart of the APAC world. Teaching more than 50,000 students from 131 countries around the globe, this school is committed to producing diverse, respectful and culturally-aware business leaders who make waves in the professional sphere.

Image courtesy of Griffith University

“Our degrees are informed by our world-class research, which means you graduate with the knowledge, skills and confidence you’ll need to set yourself apart in the job market,” the institution notes. “As well as learning from lecturers in the classroom, you’ll learn from industry professionals, and discover how business theory applies on the job.”

With a comprehensive and diverse portfolio that resonates worldwide, Griffith Business students can receive a firm foundation in everything from Accounting and Business Law, Entrepreneurship and Self Employment, Event Management, Human Resources and Employment Relations, Property and Real Estate, Tourism and Management, and everything in between.

Here, Business students get the chance to gain sought-after international experience, diversifying their degree with an overseas study experience. With the help of Griffith’s Global Mobility program, you will encounter a different life and culture in a brand-new learning environment. Click here to find out more about the exceptional opportunities offered by Griffith Business School.


NUS Business School has provided a rigorous, relevant and rewarding education for more than 50 years. With its expansive catalogue of BBA, MBA, Executive MBA, MSc and PhD provisions, the school consistently produces competitive and competent graduates who positively impact the business world.

Named the top business education provider in the region by the likes of The Financial Times, Economist Intelligence Unit and QS Top MBA, the school boasts a prestigious reputation that constantly exceeds itself. Providing a breadth and depth of business-focused studies for budding entrepreneurs on all four corners of the globe, the school nurtures a culture of excellence that seeps through every level.

“Our role is to challenge and inspire students, and ultimately [enable] them to achieve their potential for both personal and professional growth,” says Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean of NUS Business School.

“More than ever before, the world demands managers and business leaders who can lead Asian businesses to the forefront of the world economy, or those who can steer global businesses to succeed in Asia,” he adds. “With a top research faculty known for its focus in providing global management thought leadership and deep Asian insights, NUS Business School prepares students for that role, giving them that critical edge for success.”

Click here to learn more about the programs on offer at NUS Business School.


Image courtesy of the University of Adelaide

With a five-star rating from the prestigious QS World University Rankings, Adelaide Business School is in the top 1 percent of universities worldwide, standing as an esteemed member of the reputed Group of Eight.

Delivering first-rate programs in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship and Project Management, the institution serves as the ideal launch pad for a long and successful business career.

The Adelaide MBA presents a modern and transformative learning journey for aspiring business managers. With world-class flexible study options, you’ll be able to learn from some of the industry’s finest figures in a way that best suits you. Granting you unrivalled access to high-profile business mentors, this program equips you with the skillset needed to tackle the fast-evolving world of business leadership.

To ensure graduates leave fully-prepared and career-ready, Adelaide offers a range of internship and study abroad options, plus a range of industry workshops, to give students a competitive edge.

Through high-quality education and expansive portfolio of real-world student opportunities, Adelaide presents an experiential education that transforms individuals, organisations and society at large. Click here to learn more about the Adelaide MBA.

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