Affordable self-storage options for int’l students in the UK

Affordable self-storage options for international students in the UK
There are affordable self-storage options for students looking to keep their belongings in a safe and secure compartment during the summer break. Source: Mark Makela/Getty Images/AFP

Summer is nearing, which means many university-goers — particularly international students — will be returning home or have vacation plans. Some may even be moving out of their current student residence and may be figuring out their new residence for the upcoming term.

If you’re an international student in the UK who finds yourself in a similar situation, you might be looking for affordable self-storage options to secure your belongings.

Some universities do offer storage services for students, but you might want to consider other affordable self-storage options in case you are unable to secure storage services provided by your university.

With that being said, how much would it cost to keep your belongings stored over a certain period?

How much do self-storage units cost?

The cost of a self-storage unit varies depending on factors such as the location, duration and size of the storage unit. Finding affordable self-storage options requires some resourcefulness.

Most self-storage companies have quotes on their website to give you a benchmark figure before agreeing to a storage unit.

According to data from the Self Storage Association (SSA) analysed under the 2022 UK annual industry report, the average rental cost of a self-storage unit in the UK was 26.13 British pounds per square foot per year.

Data obtained from the SSA included the average cost of self-storage units in the UK in different regions, which include:

  • London: £36.38
  • Scotland: £21.00
  • East Midlands and Wales: £18.48
  • North England: £19.38
  • South East England: £26.35
  • South West England: £22.96
  • Yorkshire and Humber: £20.59
  • East of England: £25.20

Take note, however, that these stats are not representative of a specific storage location or provider, and do not include value-added taxes (VAT) or insurance.

Other things to consider when getting storage space include insurance costs, deposit, moving costs, packing materials as well as security measures such as padlocks, which you may have to purchase separately.

There are several affordable self-storage providers around the UK that offer some bang for your buck — which you can explore below.

Affordable self-storage options for international students in the UK

Big Yellow Self Storage

One of the most convenient self-storage suppliers for international students in the UK is Big Yellow, primarily because they’re available in many university towns.

Besides offering up to 50% discount for new customers, they also deduct £50 off a van hire.

You can find a variety of storage options to suit your needs, and these include lockers with a key or pin code or larger units that are big enough to store furniture.

You are required to give seven days’ notice before you clear out your self-storage unit.


There are plenty of Safestore branches around the UK that you’re bound to find one within a short distance from your university.

Safestore offers a 50% student discount on the first eight weeks of your storage rental, as well as 20% off merchandise-in-store, excluding padlocks.

If you plan on keeping your belongings in a secure storage unit for longer periods, you may liaise with a Safestore staff for a deal catered to long-term storage.

Safestore requires you to give 14 days’ notice before clearing out your unit.


If you can fit the items and valuables you plan on storing away during the summer into a cardboard box — then opt for Lovespace.

Lovespace delivers cardboard boxes to your residence. Your task is to load your belongings into the cardboard boxes and notify a Lovespace delivery driver to collect them once you are done packing up.

If you require larger spaces to store your belongings, consider renting one of Lovespace’s storage units. Prices will vary depending on storage size, location and length of storage. Click here for pricing details.


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Imagine an Airbnb, but for storage and you’ll get Stashbee. The service allows you to rent out rooms or garages as storage spaces.

You can store your belongings safely in storage, with free £1,000 insurance, notes its website.

You can locate a Stashbee branch near you here. The storage rental prices will vary according to location and allocated space requested, which you can customise here.