3 ways universities cleverly utilise their Twitter profiles
Instagram accounts for future law students. Source: Kevin Grieve/Unsplash

Among other forms of social media, Twitter is a go-to space for universities to advertise their courses and to connect with students.

But how are they effectively making use of online networks and how are they luring learners in with visually appealing posts?

How are universities luring students in through Twitter? Source: Giphy

Here are three innovative Twitter techniques universities use to attract students…

Personalised student posts 

By personalising Twitter posts, universities speak directly to their students and future applicants.

By tagging learners in posts and showcasing their quotes, these institution’s demonstrate a unique sense of pride. Citing, praising and noticing students for their achievements greatly boosts loyalty and promotes inclusivity.

That’s why the University of Melbourne has shifted the social media spotlight onto alumni member Katherine in the post below:

Student Takeovers 

A popular Twitter technique is the promotion of ‘Student Takeovers’. This is where a selected student takes over the institution’s social media profile for any given period of time.

Usually, students will post about their daily goings on to spark interaction among their peers, all while giving others an insight into opportunities available at the university.

Here’s a student takeover from Benedictine College, who handed over their profile to an avid student traveller!

Academic alerts 

Alerting and swaying students towards interesting campus activities is another perk for universities on Twitter.

Below, Bristol University draws hungry students to its law school with free pizza! Accompanied by a promotional photo of learners inviting others to share their tasty treats, online users are bound to keep track of the university’s Twitter feed in case more freebies arise…

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