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If you enjoy true-crime podcasts and documentaries but are looking for something more in-depth, a degree in criminology might just be what you’re looking for. 

By covering a broad range of areas, including law, research methods, sociology and psychology, the degree lets you dive deep into the study of criminal behaviours and their biological, psychological and social causes. 

If these test your true crime instincts, modules on preventative measures and rehabilitation will see you stretch your understanding of how to reform the perpetrators of bad (and evil) acts into good members of society.

With an education that is both theoretical and practical, you will also learn to analyse crimes and develop strong research skills that will prepare you for a career in the legal and criminal justice system. 

To gain a deeper understanding of crime and criminal justice, comprising courses in criminological theory, the study of criminal justice, and training in research design and methodology, students can then advance their academic journey by pursuing a master’s degree in the field of criminology. 

If all of this piques your interest, here are three of the best universities to gain an education in criminology: 

TU Dublin

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Technological University Dublin

For a criminology degree that stands out from the rest, head to Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin). The university was established as the first Technological University in Ireland and has now become a leading player in the country. It offers over 200 programmes across various disciplines, including Applied Arts, Humanities, Built Environment, Engineering, Business, Science, Tourism, Food and Sports.

Among the excellent programmes offered is the Master of Arts in Criminology by the School of Social Sciences, Law, and Education. Drawing on sociology, psychology and law, the programme provides an interdisciplinary insight on issues such as the causes of crime, the meaning of crime and societal reactions to crime.

It is structured in a way that enables students to gain a strong theoretical grounding in and understanding of contemporary criminological issues. They cover modules such as Criminological Theory, Criminal Justice System, Criminal Law, Prison and Imprisonment, Criminal Psychology and many more — completion of which has advanced graduates and their careers in the criminal justice system or other related agencies.

What sets this programme apart unlike others is the balance it strikes between being a theoretical and practical program, with engaged and engaging academics. By merging their diverse experience, background and practical skillsets, students have been able benefit from a deeper understanding of the critical, theoretical, and methodological approaches to the study of criminology, ensuring a robust, and well-grounded qualification.

Canterbury Christ Church University

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Canterbury Christ Church University

Nestled in the heart of one of the oldest cities in England is an institution that provides high-quality education. Canterbury Christ Church University is renowned for its rich tapestry of history, such as Roman city walls, mediaeval homes, Georgian and Victorian shops and the modern Verena Holmes Building.

The university offers an excellent Applied Criminology programme, and they have the statistics to prove it, with over 81% of their Applied Criminology students satisfied with the quality of teaching in their programme. 

The course covers key criminological concepts and themes over a range of subjects, including psychology, sociology and business management. Here, students are prepared with knowledge and research skills for a career in processing criminalisation and crime control. 

For those looking to develop knowledge in a specific area, this is the place to do so. The course offers optional modules in interpersonal violence, terrorism, political violence, cybercrime, and youth crime and gangs, among others. 

“My favourite thing about the course is the wide range of topics that are covered within it, both compulsory modules and optional modules. As the course is an applied course, each of these is extremely relevant to real-life situations,” shares criminology student Laura.

Aside from its mission to deliver an excellent programme and enrich minds, Christ Church is determined to ensure that all its students are secured when they leave university. Data shows 96% of its Applied Criminology students securing a job or enroling in a postgraduate course just 15 months after graduating. 

To apply to the Bachelor of Applied Criminology, click here for more information on the programme.

Coventry University

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Coventry University

Located in central England is the city of Coventry, renowned for its rich history and a dynamic institution that offers a forward-looking education. Coventry University is a public research university that is a popular choice for many students due to its state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in all academic disciplines, including health, design and engineering laboratories, performing arts studios and computing centres.

This university ranks high for those seeking a degree in criminology, as it offers a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology that combines foundational principles with trends in the field. Students are equipped with the theories necessary in this field and gain practical skills that will prepare them for a career in the industry. .

“The Criminology degrees at Coventry University really offer students a unique and exciting opportunity to delve into a range of fascinating topics, from criminal behaviour, policing and the prison system to global issues like the corrupt, illicit activities of states and other powerful actors. With an extensive and diverse collective experience in teaching and working in the field, the academic team bring a passion for helping students to achieve their potential from start through to graduation,” shares lecturer Dr. Gabrielle Nugent-Stephens.

What’s more, as part of the course, students have the opportunity to travel and gain international experience through field trips to New York and Poland, including to the former Auschwitz concentration camp.

If you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology at Coventry University, visit the website to enrol today. 

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