“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn
Heider College of Business, a specialized facet of Creighton University, is in the top two percent of business schools worldwide, accredited by AACSB International for both business and accounting, and globally-renowned for the high-quality of its academic programs.

If you’re ready to become a world-class business leader, willing to promote justice, and improve the world with your sharp industry knowledge, it’s time for you to take the leap and start building your career as a Heider Business student. With an industry-focused degree from Heider College of Business, you open yourself up to an endless stream of rewarding career opportunities.

Your journey to success begins with an application to Creighton University, ranked number one in America’s Best Colleges ranking from U.S. News & World Report for the 13th consecutive year. The school is located in Omaha, the largest city in the midwestern state of Nebraska, which is home to no less than 50 Fortune 500 companies. Here,

Heider Business students can enjoy an unparalleled student experience, and also take advantage of one of the most thriving business economies in the United States. Heider’s credentials alone are enough to imbue an air of excellence upon any career-seeking graduate, but what exactly is it that the College of Business needs from you?



1. Discipline & Motivation

The Heider Business student should be a keen ‘go-getter’, ready to work hard from the very first day of the course. The college echoes this sentiment in the promotion of the motto: “Where you spend your next four years determines how you’ll spend your next forty”, because Heider business students gain access to experiential learning and internship options that lead to incredible opportunities for decades to come.

As previously mentioned, Omaha hosts up to 50 Fortune 500 companies – four of which boast headquarters set in the beating heart of the city.  Such close links with industry mean students have access to more than 4,000 internship opportunities, and this highly-relevant business experience, when paired with the college’s esteemed reputation, is why 99 percent of Heider graduates are employed within six months of graduation.

2. Enthusiasm

If you want to succeed as a global business leader, it’s imperative that you display passion for your work. Your career does not begin the minute you are awarded your degree, but rather the minute you step through Heider’s doors as an undergraduate or graduate student.

The college’s experienced faculty make it their duty to bring the working business world directly to you, preparing students for success through industry-relevant courses, study trips, and invaluable real-world business experiences. For example, the Portfolio Practicum allows talented students to invest US$5.6 million of Creighton’s endowment funds throughout a comprehensive two-semester course, while the iJay Practicum, an authorized Apple campus store, grants students hands-on experience as they run their own business alongside their studies.



3. Ambition

The Heider College of Business firmly believes that strong and assertive leaders are destined for success. Through focused training programs such as the Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program, the Creighton Business Symposium, the Career Portfolio Program and many more, Heider gives students a wealth of opportunities to explore their leadership potential.

“Our students learn through real-life business experiences that extend beyond the classroom,” says Melissa Woodley, Assistant Professor of Finance at Heider College of Business. And with a wide selection of finance courses at both undergraduate and graduate level, Heider’s esteemed finance portfolio is just one example of how the school is driving its students towards a long and successful career.

Heider’s finance courses have earned international respect, ranking 14th in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report (Graduate Finance Program and Undergraduate Finance Program). Heider’s Master of Finance (MSF), for example, develops ethical, socially responsible, knowledgeable, and visionary finance professionals, which, according to Union Pacific Marketing Specialist, Amanda Treiber, is exactly why Heider College of Business graduates are sought after by global employers because they “know they are going to be prepared on their first day of work”.

Whether you are seeking further expertise within the financial sector, or are hoping to find employment in the professional finance sphere, the MSF program provides outstanding preparation to suit your particular needs. It’s ideal for the student who is interested in a Master’s-level education in finance and business concepts, but wants a broader experience than that offered by the Master of Security Analysis or MBA program, and graduates have gone on to pursue prosperous careers as accountants, auditors, loan officers, financial officers, financial analysts, credit analysts, and more.

Demand for Master’s-credentialed finance specialists increased by 44 percent in 2014, and the job outlook for years to come continues to look promising. Consumers and CEOs need finance professionals with a strong ethical foundation, and Heider provides unique preparation in this area.



But this is not the only path Heider has to offer for a future in finance. Other courses include:

You need discipline and motivation alongside enthusiasm and ambition in order to thrive as a Heider Business student. Wear these things as a feather in your cap, and Heider will open doors for you to travel the world, grow as a global business leader, and set sail on a voyage to your professional success.


This article is sponsored by Heider College of Business at Creighton University, a college that is ranked among the top two percent of business schools worldwide. U.S. News & World Report ranks Heider among the top 100 business programs in the United States, and 99 percent of the school’s recent business graduates were employed within six months of graduation. Whether you’re one of Heider’s 980 undergraduate or 400 graduate students, the school’s comprehensive education focuses on you and is firmly rooted in the real business world.

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