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We don’t often hear of business leaders that have impacted the globe in such a significant way that we can say they’ve saved the world. It’s usually the doctors, the army, or even professionals within the psychology industry that would have made a difference. But that’s not true.

Graduates from business school have long had the skills, knowledge, and power to make radical shifts in workplaces, homes and people’s everyday lives. Former Facebook COO Cheryl Sandberg founded Lean In, a global community to foster leadership and inclusion for women in the workplace. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, revolutionised how we saw laptops and smartphones — but more importantly, how we connected with the rest of the world. Warren Buffet, who has amassed a personal fortune of over US$100 billion, had pledged to give away 99% of that to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation upon his death.

The leaders above will always be known for changing people’s lives, whether it is through an innovation or contribution to society. They are good examples that show us what a good business degree can give you and how you can substantially impact others. Today, it is even more vital to find business schools that will provide you with the means to make the right decisions and take on opportunities.

Here are three universities shaping graduates into business leaders the world needs:

Hult International Business School

If you’re a do-er with big dreams to make an impact in business, head to Hult International Business School where you’ll learn amongst like-minded peers and some of the most talented experts in the world. Now in its 20th year, Hult has built a reputation for challenge-based, experiential learning via an innovative curriculum that’s catapulted students on paths to successful careers. This is where you’ll have strong grounding in theory but with additional skills-based learning to understand how to apply your education in business settings. Hult students graduate ready to make an impact that matters and lead others to do the same.

Hult International Business School offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and MBA programmes, as well as the US-accredited Doctorate in Business Administration. Whichever you choose, you’ll be bolstered by professors who are internationally renowned for business practice and thought leadership. Accredited and ranked amongst the best in the world, each programme at Hult will equip you with the skills and mindsets that are most needed to bring about change in the organisations in which you’ll work and in the society in which we all live.

Perhaps what is most exciting about Hult International Business School is its international foundation and global community. Campuses are in Boston, San Francisco, London, and Dubai, with more than 140 nationalities represented. Where better to learn through challenge and forge a global mindset than among forward-thinking people from all over the world?

INSEAD Business School

Source: INSEAD Business School (Facebook)

INSEAD Business School

INSEAD Business School offers a range of master’s degrees, open programmes, foundation certificates, and more for aspiring business leaders to choose from. It is a highly-ranked business school with faculty that come from 41 countries. They are leaders in their respective fields, win awards, and conduct renowned research.

Students form a close-knit community after graduation, resulting in an extensive network of alumni that spans 180 countries with 168 nationalities. Every year, more than 900 events are organised and held worldwide — such as Global INSEAD Day, class reunions, forums to learn from alumni in myriads of private, public and social sector organisations around the world.

An education at INSEAD has proven to offer graduates a competitive edge in whichever industries they choose to pursue, as well. From providing water solutions to over 300,000 people to enhancing Singapore’s space industry, INSEAD students go on to achieve many remarkable feats — and show no signs of stopping.

Recently, the business school appointed Professor Francisco Veloso as its new Dean, following an extensive and rigorous dean search process led by INSEAD faculty and the Board. Veloso brings a wealth of experience as the dean for business schools in the UK and Portugal. 

“I am honoured to have been chosen to take on the important role of Dean at INSEAD and express my gratitude to the faculty and INSEAD Board for placing their trust in me to lead the school into the future,” says Veloso. “I am excited to build upon the institution’s remarkable success and look forward to taking INSEAD to new heights.” 

SKEMA Business School

Source: SKEMA Business School

SKEMA Business School

If you’re looking for an international business school that will challenge and develop your professional expertise via interdisciplinary programmes, choose SKEMA Business School. Its programmes are recognised in France, as well as in the US (licensing), Brazil (certificação) and China.

Here, learning is driven by expert research. SKEMA’s programmes aim to develop business knowledge and equip them with skills to help them thrive in the globalised economy. So, whether you are interested in Corporate Financial Management, Financial Markets and Investments, Sustainable Finance and Fintech, Auditing, or Management Accounting & Information Systems, you will find a specialisation that meets your personal and professional goals.

The school offers one-year or two-year Master’s of Science (MSc) programmes in areas such as finance, management, marketing, and business and strategy. Other business-related postgraduate programmes include the MSc Global Luxury and Management; MSc Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Design; MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation; and MSc Luxury Hospitality and Innovation.

“During my gap year at SKEMA I interned at Hermès, in Paris, as a marketing and sales assistant for the luxury house’s website. It was a very interesting experience, because we were truly in the infancy of digital luxury marketing and Hermès was actually a trailblazer in this area,” says graduate Cedric Laforge. “The internship gave me the opportunity to apply all the knowledge I had gained at SKEMA, so I was immediately operational for this superb luxury house.”


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