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3 Reasons The Pennington School Is Every International Student’s #1 Choice

Imagine a school that has it all – a student-centred community, a dedicated faculty with personalised learning and one that develops students to be well-rounded individuals. Think of a diverse and inclusive campus community representing over 39 countries with 100% participation in community service. 

Rooted in three core values of honour, virtue and humility, The Pennington School is where students learn from one another while striving to be tomorrow’s leaders. The transformational journey they travel at Pennington and beyond is life-changing.

Just ask Alexandra R., Michael C. and Anna-Kaisa H. who have found their place in the Pennington community as student athletes. Apart from the attractive athletic programme that allows them the flexibility to excel both in class and on the field, they were also drawn by Pennington’s approach to education that encourages them to find their own voice and develop into unique individuals. 

Finnish national Anna-Kaisa, loves how Pennington lets her learn in the best way for her. Alexandra shares a similar sentiment: “Pennington was the best pick for me, for my growth and all the new opportunities that I could get coming here.” 

While each student has their reasons for choosing Pennington, one thing that’s clear is the School’s mission in cultivating a conducive community that caters to all regardless of their cultural background and learning styles. 

Nestled in a safe suburban town of Pennington in New Jersey, the School’s 55-acre campus is close to major cities such as Princeton, NJ, Philadelphia, PA and New York City and was named “Best Town For Families In New Jersey.” The Pennington School is among one of the oldest private schools in the US and has been welcoming international students since its inception in 1838. Today, it is just as committed to developing individual excellence in all of its students.

The Ideal “Home Away From Home”

Many Pennington students find a second family here. And it’s a big one — with 145 boarding students and 50 residential faculty members. Despite this, relationships are strong. Each resident student benefits from the 1:3 faculty-to-student ratio in the dorms. Such a tight-knit community provides students with a sense of home, which in turn facilitates meaningful relationships, additional academic support and mentorship.

Unlike other boarding schools, Pennington offers a one-of-a-kind boarding experience through the Host International Programme. The School matches international boarding students to a local host family to promote cross-cultural experiences, further widening their worldview and enriching their time at the School. Though students do not live with their host families, they have the chance to participate in activities with them. Some of these include going to movie nights or sports events, or even joining trips to see a show in New York or Philadelphia. 

On weekends, students are free explore outdoor activities or join the School on short trips to town. Ask graduates and many say some of their best memories are made then. “My most memorable experience during the weekends was when we took a trip to Madison Square Garden to watch an NBA game,” shares Alexandra and Michael. Alternatively, students can also choose to unwind and enjoy the weekend to rest up before the new week. 

Rigorous Curriculum With Dynamic Extra-Curricular Activities

Source: The Pennington School

Pennington School appreciates and accommodates students’ varying learning styles. Source: The Pennington School

Pennington offers a robust and experiential curriculum. Recognising the popularity of STEM, it offers an Applied Science Certificate Programme that grants opportunities to learn from leaders in neuroscience, engineering, gene therapy and many more. What’s more, students can join STEM-related clubs such as Aerospace and Aviation, Girls in STEM, as well as STEM Leaders and Tutors. The School’s Computer Science Competition Club  finished in the top four places in the ACSL international contest that challenged them on college-level concepts and coding — a feat they’ve achieved for the fourth year in a row.

Boasting a six-to-one student-to-teacher ratio, classes are delivered by a dedicated faculty that commits to student-centred learning. The students are the focus here, where everyone is encouraged to find their voice. They are also free to customise their curriculum according to their aspirations. 

Such features help students feel supported as they strive for academic excellence. They make them confident when they’re stepping out of their comfort zones too.

Take Alexandra, for example. Her passion for math pushed her to challenge herself to take double maths classes. “All the teachers that I have are always there for me when I need any kind of support, even if it is just about having a personal talk to get something off my chest,” she says. As a student athlete, Anna-Kaisa points out that she received help from both her teachers and coaches on “connecting basketball and school without getting burnt out while still improving in both.”

Alexandra and Anna-Kaisa are by no means the only Penningston students thriving in sports. Top players all over the world are drawn to soccer at Pennington, as do coaches and recruiters from top US colleges and universities. Teams, both boys and girls, have won state and county championship and achieved national rankings.

Hands-On Learning With Endless Leadership Opportunities

Source: The Pennington School

The learning approach at Pennington is heavily focused on the “learning while doing” approach. Source: The Pennington School

At Pennington, students learn by doing. While students like Alexandra enjoy participating in lab experiments and exploring chemical reactions, there are others who choose to take on leadership roles. Michael has taken on a Junior Proctor role. 

When asked what were three takeaways he learnt from the role, he shares: “One; I learned to be responsible for not just myself, but also for all the other people around me. Two; time management. It’s hard to manage extra-curriculars, school and homework, but I learned that by using my time wisely, I am able to manage all these things.”

“Lastly, communication. Communicating with teachers, with friends, with family is very important in succeeding, and I found that communicating with all these people helped me with school, with my personal life and also my sports.” 

Transformational growth, big dreams — it’s all possible at The Pennington School.

Enrol your child at The Pennington School and watch them transform into well-rounded and independent adults. 

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