international student insurance
International student insurance serves as a safety net if you fall sick while studying abroad.

Are you planning to study abroad? In many instances, international student insurance is a requirement before you can enrol in university. 

Insurance plans will vary but you will need one that fully covers your time abroad or risk becoming crippled with bills in the unfortunate event you fall sick or are injured. Healthcare can be mind-blowingly expensive or affordable, depending on the country you are studying in, but having health or medical insurance is one less financial worry to have.

Some include mental health and maternity care benefits, return of mortal remains or local burial/cremation benefits, so be sure to comb through the information accordingly.

So, if your institution doesn’t already offer a health insurance plan, here are three international student insurance plans worth looking into to get you started. Just be sure to check that they meet your school’s requirements.

3 international student insurance plans

Tokio Marine HCCMIS StudentSecure Insurance

The StudentSecure insurance is an international student health insurance for full-time students or scholars studying outside their home country. 

They offer four levels of coverage – Elite, Select, Budget and Smart – all of which “meet or exceed most government and visa requirements, as well, including J-1 visa requirements (F-1 visas do not have a health insurance requirement)”. 

Depending on your plan, you can choose from a maximum benefit per injury or illness of US$100,000, US$250,000, US$300,000 or US$500,000.

What’s unique about StudentSecure is that they offer a savings plan if you pay your full premium in advance.

IMG International Student Health Insurance

If you’re planning to study in the US, or are an American planning to study abroad, you might want to look into the plans offered by IMG. 

Its website notes that their long and short-term plans are ideal for individuals and groups participating in international student programmes; cultural exchange participants; international graduate students; scholars and educators; as well as dependents of those participating in international study programmes. 

They have several plans for students to choose from so you’re likely to find something that suits your needs and budget. For example, you can choose plans with varying maximum limit per injury or illness of US$50,000, US$100,000, US$250,000 or US$500,000.

Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Insurance

Full-time students, faculty member or scholars involved in full-time educational or research activities can purchase this insurance.

Liaison Student Plan offers three plans which include: Liaison Student Economy, Liaison Student Choice and Liaison Student Elite, all of which offers worldwide coverage, including and excluding the US.

Students have the option to include optional coverage for ‘hazardous activities’ for activities such as scuba diving or even motorcycle or motor scooter riding – whether as a passenger or a driver, among others. 

Ultimately, healthcare abroad can be expensive, so international student insurance is something to have in your arsenal as medical emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere.