3 dynamic schools in Asia preparing students to be global citizens of the 21st century

schools in Asia

There’s no question that the right education can take children far. From securing a spot in a prestigious university to landing a coveted job and leading an overall fulfilling life — it’s a dynamic education that provides students with everything they need to succeed. 

The World Economic Forum’s Catalysing Education 4.0 insights report confirms this, stating: “A child’s early education lays the foundation for their arc of learning throughout adult life, influencing their skill set, future employment potential and general well-being.” 

Thankfully, schools in Asia are constantly updating their offerings to effectively future-proof their students. Today, they leverage approaches that pair quality curricula with riveting activities that often extend beyond the confines of a classroom — think conducting science experiments in state-of-the-art laboratories, becoming one with nature in lush rainforests, achieving extraordinary sporting achievements, or gaining early exposure to world-changing research.  Such activities are set in place to broaden horizons and assist tomorrow’s global citizens in pinpointing their life’s calling. 

Sold? Discover three innovative international schools in Asia dedicated to nurturing a new generation of 21st century individuals.

Nord Anglia International School Shanghai Pudong

schools in Asia

Nord Anglia International School Shanghai Pudong is the longest-running British school in China. Source: Nord Anglia International School, Pudong

At Nord Anglia International School Shanghai Pudong (NAIS Pudong), the longest running British school in China, students have achieved the best scores and attended the top universities in the world. They continue to do the same today, over 20 years from its founding.

Campus is home to over 50 nationalities. As such, your child will be a part of a vibrant global community here, building life-long friendships and developing into a global citizen that’s passionate about driving change — backed with a solid foundation made possible by the school’s global collaborations with world-leading institutions and organisations.

Together with The Juilliard School in New York City, the school empowers children here with access to the skill and experience of world-leading performing arts delivered by its outstanding teachers. Those with career aspirations both in and beyond the arts benefit from the magic of dance, drama and music and those with existing passions will have their eyes opened by incredible world-leading teaching methods.

Through MIT’s introduction to interdisciplinary STEAM learning, future great thinkers and innovators can get their jumpstart — even to space. Thousands of Nord Anglia students from around the world have worked together to develop filtration devices to be used on Mars after being challenged by Dr. Jeff Hoffman, former astronaut and Deputy Principal Investigator of the MOXIE mission onboard the Mars Perseverance Rover — and that’s just one example.

Closer to home NAIS Pudong students can take on the Social Impact Programme and the annual Global Challenge. Through projects like recycling, making positive change in the local community and even learning how to turn plants into biofuel, they learn how to effect real change. Learn more about how NAIS Pudong cultivates creativity and resilience through truly transformational experiences here.

Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School (Bangkok Prep)

schools in Asia

Bangkok Prep offers students a robust, well-rounded British education accredited by the Council of International Schools. Source: Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School (Bangkok Prep)

Nestled in a peaceful residential area in the heart of the city, Bangkok Prep is where students are preparing for life. And they’re doing so in one of the most established international schools in Thailand.

Established in 2003, Bangkok Prep now has over 1,400 students from more than 50 countries enrolled with a robust, well-rounded British education accredited by the Council of International Schools. It is the first international school in Thailand to achieve the Eco-School’s highest status — the Green Flag Award — and many more.

Located just a stone’s throw from Sukhumvit 71, Bangkok Prep is the only international school in the Sukhumvit CBD to offer the British curriculum on one campus from Early Years Foundation Stage through to A Levels (three to 18 years old). The campus is home to world-class facilities, including a FIFA standard football field, an Olympic size swimming pool and a tennis academy, providing an excellent environment for ambitious learners to reach their full potential.

Bangkok Prep’s recipe for success includes its diverse student body, qualified teachers, state-of-the-art campus and a wide range of subjects for students to choose from. The success of its students proves this: 92% of IGCSE grades were A* to C and 70% of A Level results were A* to B grades.

Bangkok Prep alumni have gone to attend globally top-ranked universities, with the most recent cohort receiving offers from the UK’s Russell Group universities including London School of Economics and University College London (UCL) as well as the US’s top 50 universities such as UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech and more. For more about the school, click here.

Singapore American School (SAS)

schools in Asia

Singapore American School (SAS) is committed to helping students succeed academically, socially and individually. Source: Singapore American School

Singapore American School (SAS) first opened its doors in 1956 with only 105 students; classes were held in large, colonial-style bungalows, with a science lab housed in the garage and assemblies held in the dining room. Since then, it’s built a reputation that precedes it: placing among the 97th percentile or higher in all MAP testing subjects worldwide, with its students soaring to the world’s top universities and careers.

The school is committed to creating an environment that encourages every student to reach their full potential — academically, socially, and individually. With every step of their academic journey, students learn to think critically, collaborate with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, and think up creative solutions to unique challenges that are plaguing the world. 

In essence, an SAS education begins and ends with the individual, making for a personalised learning experience that helps every student find their passion and purpose.

Invest in a school that’s as invested in your child’s education as you are. Read here for more about admissions at SAS. 

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