3 branch campuses in the APAC region radiating the quality of their home universities

James Cook University, Singapore
Source: James Cook University, Singapore

In recent years, many universities from around the world have established branch campuses in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. These branch campuses offer the same programmes and degrees as their main campuses, but are located in different countries, providing students with greater accessibility and diversity of educational opportunities.

There are many benefits to this approach. For instance, a student looking for an Australian business degree in Singapore may never need to leave the life they know behind. Similarly, if a Chinese student is looking to complete their last year of study at a campus in Korea, there’s no reason why they cannot accomplish this.

Of course, students open to the idea of studying abroad but are hesitant to break the bank in certain countries are also welcome to relish the APAC region’s rich history and cultural heritage. After all, the cheapest Asian countries enable international students to receive a great education and experience — for as low as US$2,900 a year. But to ensure that you’re picking the best of the best, read on.

James Cook University, Singapore

James Cook University (JCU) Australia ranks among the world’s top 20% of universities for its exemplary education. When it comes to addressing critical global challenges, it ranks among the world’s top 2%. By internationalising its excellence in 2003 through the establishment of a Singapore campus, the university was able to broaden access to its quality education. This impressive branch campus, JCU in Singapore, achieved “university” status in 2016, and became the only Australian institution in the country to carry such a distinction.

James Cook University, Singapore

The Singapore campus of James Cook University has the highest level of quality assurance in Singapore for Private Education Institutions.
Source: James Cook University, Singapore

Esteemed accolades eventually followed. The Singapore campus was awarded the EduTrust Star, a symbol of recognition for outstanding achievement and the Singapore Quality Class STAR (SQC STAR), which recognises organisations that made further improvements in their business excellence journey. It has even achieved an R&D grant from the Singaporean government. The success of the Singapore campus of James Cook University comes as no surprise, as its wide-ranging research spans areas such as aquaculture and marine science, business, education, psychology and tourism; proving its status as an important contributor of impact to Singapore and the immediate region.

The theme of excellence persists throughout its expansive lineup of academic offerings, which cover the areas of information technology (IT), psychology, education, science, commerce, accounting, aquaculture, environmental science, games design, tourism and hospitality, and, of course, business. In fact, studying business at JCU Singapore means working towards your aspirations at one of only four AACSB-accredited business schools in Singapore.

Budding 21st-century learners might be more intrigued by the branch campus’s science and technology degrees, such as the Bachelor of Cybersecurity, which offers a solid foundation in all things IT. Career changers hoping to gain a better understanding of behaviour and mental processes — a competency that can be leveraged across of range of sectors — can dive into one of the university’s psychology courses instead. The Master of Psychology (Clinical) offered at the Singapore campus of JCU, one of the two programmes recommended by NCSS Singapore, remains a popular choice.

JCU Singapore recognises excellence and the importance of hard work, which is precisely why it offers exclusive Merit Scholarships for high-calibre individuals. This offers opportunities to exemplary students to broaden their horizons and emerge as impactful leaders of the future.

Mason Korea

George Mason Korea

George Mason Korea currently offers US degrees in six undergraduate disciplines Source: George Mason Korea Facebook

Founded in 1972, George Mason University is known for producing some of Virginia’s highest earners. In 2014, it expanded to Korea. Located just 25 miles from Seoul, Mason, Korea, is now well on its way to becoming the best global education hub in Northeast Asia — perhaps for its unique ability to offer students the best of both worlds.

Mason Korea currently offers US degrees in six undergraduate disciplines — business, computer game design, computational and data sciences, conflict analysis and resolution, economics, and global affairs. Fully taught in English, all programmes lead to the same top-tier qualification George Mason University’s graduates achieve solely in the US.

Furthermore, each qualification affords students the rare opportunity to spend three years at GMU Korea in Songdo and one year in the US at Mason in Fairfax, Virginia. Of course, networking opportunities abound within Korea as well, thanks to Mason’s strong ties with the Incheon Global Campus and other neighbouring schools in Songdo.

Plenty of connections are formed within Mason Korea as well. Students here enjoy a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio that ensures individualised attention and unlimited interaction from and with world-class faculty members, comprising renowned global leaders, experts, former executives, and more.

The University of Southampton Malaysia offers innovative programmes students can explore in Malaysia and the UK. Source: University of Southampton Malaysia Facebook

University of Southampton Malaysia

University of Southampton Malaysia

The University of Southampton Malaysia offers innovative programmes students can explore in Malaysia and the UK.
Source: University of Southampton Malaysia Facebook

The University of Southampton offers a truly unique and innovative approach to higher education. With seven campuses worldwide, including one in Malaysia, students can experience the renowned ‘Southampton education’ while studying in Southeast Asia for their first two years. After this, they can complete their degree at a world-class research-centred university in the UK.

Since its establishment in 2012, the University of Southampton Malaysia has expanded its undergraduate programme portfolio to include Business, Computer Science and Economics, and a range of Foundation Year courses. Programmes cover accounting and finance, business analytics, business entrepreneurship, business management, computer science, economics, actuarial science, finance, financial technology, marketing, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, as well as aeronautics and astronautics.

All programmes are taught by impressive educators, who are dedicated to ensuring students have access to the best possible research opportunities, both within and beyond the classroom. PhD students and research assistants are actively encouraged to participate in these projects, providing an invaluable experience for those looking to further their education.

What truly sets the University of Southampton Malaysia apart is its commitment to customisation. Students here have the opportunity to tailor their academics to their individual interests and career aspirations, with many programmes offering interdisciplinary modules that allow them to study subjects from different fields. By learning alongside students with diverse perspectives, they can broaden their horizons and develop a unique skill set that sets them apart in today’s job market.

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