22 festive student fails

1. When this chick’s Snowman turned into the Michelin Man

2. When these guys couldn’t afford a tree so put their traffic cone to good use

3. When Kevin Mack was consumed by Christmas spirit

4. Then there’s this fine, festive creation

5. When this guy was wrapping….err what?!

6. When this gal’s Victorian Gingerbread House had seen better days

7. And when this Gingerbread Village had seen better years…

8. This tree – it may not look great but it smells super fresh…

9. When this house played host to a Christmas graveyard

10. When Andrew had a reindeer fetus

11. This intricate creation

12.”Christmas time! Cameltoe and wine…”

13. When your bank account is running dry so you’re forced to eat this monstrosity

14. When your stained glass Christmas cookies aren’t quite up to par

15. Kyle’s gonna do WHAT to the roast three days before?!

16. When you can’t wait to celebrate SNMGFIEHP with all the guys this year

17. When you can do a Gingerbread House better than anyone on your Newsfeed

18. This work of pure inspiration

19. This Christmas wrapping fail

20. Then there’s the most student-looking tree in existence…

21. Or is THIS the most student-looking tree?

22. No, no…THIS is definitely the most student-looking Christmas tree

Image via Shutterstock

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