21 Things to Avoid During Your Results Day Celebrations


So, it’s the day after A Level results day in the UK and that means student celebration carnage across the UK…

Whether you’re heading off to University, or jumping into the world of work, you have made it through a really intense phase of your life which is the perfect excuse to let your hair down!


In all the post-results excitement, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the antics and fall into student-induced peril.

So, here are a few celebratory shenanigans it’s probably best you should avoid…

1. Avoid getting so wrapped up the celebrations that you forget to return that library book you borrowed three months ago…

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Because those college librarians mean business- they’re not to be messed with!

2. Avoid passing out anywhere near your so-called ‘friends’

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They did remember that job interview you’ve got coming up at the weekend, they just thought the sharpie pirate would be a strong and memorable look…

3. Celebratory cartwheels aren’t necessarily a good idea

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Especially not if you are more than slightly inebriated…

4. Avoid stairs…stairs could be a challenge

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You may have conquered the stairs more than seventeen years ago, but in all the results excitement, it’s easy to forget…

5. Try and avoid friends who love the party more than they love you

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Because feeling cold, sad, smelly and lonely when you wake up is sure to do nothing for that celebratory mood.

6. But if your friends do love you more than they love the party, make sure that they’re mature and trustworthy…

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…because in the era of Smart Phones and WhatsApp, there will be no deleting it…and certainly no forgetting it!

7. Avoid not wearing a belt…

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Because it could really put a downer on that celebratory dance.

8. And avoid showing off to your friends whilst in the same room as your cat

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Because he will show you up- he got moves and he ain’t afraid to use ’em!

9. Try and avoid getting too cocky

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Because that’s when bad things happen!

10. And no matter how much you think you got it going on…

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YOU DON’T! They are definately laughing at you, not with you.

11. No celebratory Limbo

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It always ends badly.

12. If you’re hitting the town, maybe rethink the stilettos?

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Because it could totally ruin your sophisticated façade of elegance, poise and class!

13. You may want to buy yourself a treat for getting that A is psychology, but it might be wise to avoid the shopping centre after hitting the pub

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Because they can be really tricky to maneuver..

13. Try and avoid Karoke…

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Because friends, alcohol and microphones really aren’t a great mix.

14. Avoid sliding down the bannisters

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Yes, you’ll look cool for a few milliseconds, but is it really worth it?

15. If you really must perform a celebratory dance, maybe stay away from the roof?

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Because concussion is definitely not going to serve you well!

16. Try not to forget your strength when your teacher proposes a ‘Cheers’

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Because that is not how you’ll want him to remember you.

17. Maybe avoid taking the bus home alone after a heavy night out

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Because it’ll only make your headache a hundred times worse!

18. Avoid sitting down for a rest as you and your best bud stumble your way home

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Because you’ll feel a lot less hungover tomorrow if you sleep in your own bed.

19. Avoid celebrating by the pool

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Because that strut of pride will be taken a lot more seriously if you can remain standing.

20. Try not to forget the laws of gravity

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Because a sticky drink down the back, or front, is a sure-fire way to ruin someones night!

21. Finally, try and avoid falling flat on your face

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Because all of your friends will have cameras and that means you’ll never live it down!

Just stick to these rules and everything should run smoothly. Congratulations and happy celebrations!

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