21 things that show you went to university in the UK


At first you were a little dazzled by the very British culture, but before long you settled in, and found yourself adopting some very quirky English habits….

1. That ‘gourmet’ feast of Beans on Toast has a very special place in your heart

And Beans on Toast with cheese – that’s a whole new level!

2. You’ve perfected the balance of ‘pre-drink’ and ‘drink-drink’ and now get the night right every single time


One thing I’ve learnt at uni: predrinks are a must! This image is part of a series to document the first seven weeks at university.

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You pretty much have it down like some kind of military operation – “We have exactly 20 minutes to get drunk and get down to the club before the MASSIVE queue! Go go GO!!”

3. Through meticulous research and thorough experimentation, you’ve now successfully uncovered the perfect hangover cure

Even if you’re not sure what the question is, just know that bacon is the answer!

4. You had strict measures in place to ensure you wouldn’t lose your deposit…but now you’re still not sure exactly what went wrong

“It was like that when we moved in, I swear!”

5. You signed up to every single student society at Fresher’s Fayre, but failed to show your face at a single one

Meh, you can always try again next year…

6. You spent two months of your life living off Subway and Dominos because you snagged so many vouchers during Fresher’s week


My evening in a nutshell. #pokemon #pizza #house #dominos #editingphotos #lazy #cuddles #cozy #winter

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7. You still know which nights are the best to eat at ‘Spoons


Sometimes only spoons will do#curry #tikka #chickentikka #wetherspoons

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Whether its Mexican Monday, Steak Club, Chicken Club, Curry Club, Fish Friday or Sunday Brunch; you truly are an ultimate Spoons Guru.

8. And you still have pockets packed full of sauce sachets

Via FountainDrinks

To all those restaurants who replaced the sachets with bottles – did you really think that could stop me?!

9. This is how you danced every night of Fresher’s with your new British homies

Totally working it!

10. And this is how you felt when you walked around campus as a third year

“Eugh, pathetic little first years…”

11. You made your absolute best mates for life in nightclub smoking areas

12. You know the best place to get a 5AM Kebab

Via Facebook

But that morning Donner tastes so god damn good!

13. You know all the best deals on at your local Tesco Extra

’cause you can’t deny a bargain!

14. You’ve perfected the art of ‘Banter’

Via PieandBovril

Careful – once it starts it never stops!

15. You now drink exactly 37 cups of tea every single day

How did you ever function without it?!

16. You’re ready for battle every time you hear the word ‘Marmite’

It really is true – you either love it or you hate it!

17. You made a strategic decision to invest in an umbrella, and now lovingly refer to it as a ‘brolly’


Very British problems. A 4 day old brolly. Thanks #primark. #verybritishproblems #brolly

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And you’re all too aware of the pain that comes with wind and rain together…

18. You say ‘sorry’ all the time, even if it’s totally the other person’s fault

Since moving to the UK, it’s become a kind of catchphrase!

19. You’re familiar with Jeremy Kyle, Loose Women, and a riveting TV show called Countdown

It’s pretty much Jezza’s fault you handed in that last assignment so late!

20. You can now confidently tell the difference between Welsh, Scottish, Brummie, Scouse and Cockney accents

“Wye aye man! That’s proper wool behaviour, like!”

21. You used to cry if you were at a music festival and it rained, but now you roll in the mud with pride

The UK is probably a lot rainier than your home country, but it would be boring if everywhere was the same, right?!

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