Study in Japan for free as a postgraduate student with a 2023 MEXT Scholarship

MEXT Scholarship Postgraduate Research Degree: Study in Japan

International students looking to pursue their postgraduate research programme for free can apply to study in Japan with a 2023 MEXT Scholarship. Better known as the 2023 MEXT Postgraduate (Research Student) Scholarship, it offers amazing perks and benefits for international students.

Japan has been a popular study destination for many years, with a whopping enrolment amassing 312,214 visa-holding international students registered in the country in May 2019. There are many reasons why international students choose to study in Japan, from its exceptional hospitality standards down to its breakthrough innovations which include technological advancements in automotive, robotics and electronic sectors.

2023 MEXT scholarship: Explore Japan and its technological advancements

Japan is renowned for its innovation breakthroughs, such as its advancements in robotics. Source: Philip Fong / AFP

For many international students who have developed an intellectual curiosity about Japanese culture and advancements, getting a chance to study in Japan is a life-changing opportunity. Great insights and a wealth of practical experiences to help enhance one’s personal and professional development await.

Likewise, the MEXT Scholarship is the perfect opportunity for ambitious students looking to expand their horizons and study in a country renowned for being an economic powerhouse.

2023 MEXT Scholarship for Postgraduate (Research) Students: Must-know details

Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship package covers full tuition fees, a monthly stipend amounting to 143,000 Japanese yen, fees for the entrance examination, matriculation as well as flight costs (return economy airfare). The scholarship will cover the duration of their programme, lasting anywhere between one and a half to two years. The tenure of the scholarship lasts from April 2023 to March 2025.


To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be under the age of 35 as of 2023 and have their hearts set on starting a postgraduate research programme at a Japanese university, either in April or October 2023.

On top of meeting the academic requirements of their Japanese postgraduate programme, applicants must demonstrate a good command of both the English and Japanese languages. Students who have not mastered the Japanese language must agree to enrol in a six-month intensive Japanese language course to learn the language. This will ease their transition into Japan as they will absorb the programme instructions better and adapt comfortably to their new host country.

Applicants must pursue a postgraduate research degree that is in the same field as their work or degrees. Applicants must show proof that they have completed 16 years of formal education outside the Japanese education system as well

Study Programmes Covered by the Scholarship:

The Japanese Government invites scholarship applicants who demonstrate an interest in the field of humanities and social sciences (economics, law, politics, sociology, psychology, commerce, history, literature, fine arts, business administration, music) or the natural sciences (pure science, engineering, agriculture, fisheries, pharmacology, medicine, dentistry, home economics, veterinary sciences and others),

Application deadline

All applications for the scholarship must be submitted before April 29, 2022. To download the application for the scholarship, click here.