3 Paris internships for marketing students and grads

2022 internships
There are many opportunities to gain experience in an internship in Paris. Source: Jean-Christophe Verhaegen / AFP

Internships are a great way to gain experience before graduating. There are many reasons for this: the many opportunities for mentorship, ability to develop soft skills vital to the workplace, gain exposure to the workforce and building connections being some. In this, applying for 2022 internships can be a huge boost to your future career. 

Of course, an internship anywhere is beneficial — but there’s no denying the pull of working for a short stint in Paris. The city of love is famed worldwide for its features in media, impact on culture and the arts, and being the central hub for fashion and luxury. For marketing and editorial-minded students, working in such a city can prove to be invaluable. 

Throw in the city’s progressive working policies — minimum wage in France is one of the highest in Europe, and French culture encourages a work-life balance — and it makes for the ideal destination for 2022 internships. 

Here are some 2022 internships in Paris that international students can look out for: 

2022 internships in Paris for marketing and editorial students

For marketing and arts-minded students, working in Paris can prove to be invaluable. Source: Stefano Rellandini/AFP

Marketing and Communications Internship at Luko

Every business needs to be able to communicate with its clients. From pushing its brand messaging to creating enticing digital media, effective marketing is vital to a company’s growth and presence in the local and international landscape. This means that gaining experience in the field can do wonders in helping you become more attractive to the workforce. 

One such company that can give you great exposure in this regard is Luko. As the #1 insurtech — which refers to the technological innovations being developed within the insurance industry — in France and Europe, you’ll be well-placed to observe the marketing and communications strategies implemented by a large-scale company. At the same time, you’ll be empowering thousands of policyholders into taking care of their homes. 

Specifically, you will work with the brand team to manage briefs and follow up on content production with designers and providers. The job description further reads: “You’ll help with operational project implementation but also work in collaboration with other teams at Luko to address their creative content needs. You’ll also be contributing to improving our process and tools, helping the brand team to make our brand shine both internally and externally.”

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Digital Campaign Assistant – Graduate Internship at Ogury

Mobile brand advertising — which refers to advertising designed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices — is similarly important in our day and age. New statistics show that in 2022, 91.08% of people in the world are cell phone owners. That translates to over 7.26 billion smart and feature phone users — a significantly large consumer base that is growing by the day. 

A graduate internship charting out the digital campaign strategy of a business, then, can be extremely beneficial to launching your career in such a field. Working with a major company such as Ogury, which has over 1,500 advertisers and has become one of the leading French tech success stories, will do even more in this regard. 

Some of the skills you’ll learn at Ogury include: 

  • Programming, monitoring and optimising mobile advertising campaigns 
  • Analysing delivery metrics 
  • Tracking internal stats and client reports
  • Providing feedback on campaign performance 

For the full job description, click on this link

Gaining experience through an internship can help boost your career. Source: Stefano Rellandini/AFP

Channel Editor Intern at Paramount International

If you’ve grown up watching films, you’re sure to have heard of Paramount Pictures. The highly successful production company has spearheaded everything from blockbuster films to smaller, art-house ones, including “Top Gun: Maverick”, 1994’s “Forrest Gump” and “The Virgin Suicides”. It’s certainly one of the most prominent studios out there. 

Excitingly, the production company has put up a list of 2022 internships at its many global studios that students and graduates can apply for. One such internship provides the opportunity to work as a Channel Editor intern. 

In this role, you will primarily support the editorial team. Among your responsibilities include participating in the selection of programmes for evaluation and analysis; creating and designing programming schedules; managing ratings and rights dates; analysing audience trends; and more. 

However, standards for an internship at Paramount International are high. You will need: a strong background in film and TV; previous experience working with online content media; fluency in French; verbal and written English communication skills; and more. 

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