What to do in Australia
Australia has a vast amount of selection for those wanderlusters, ranging from deserts to beaches to jungles. Source: David Gray/AFP

Knowing what to do in Australia this mid-semester break will be tricky. The Land Down Under has had it rough, the bushfire — more commonly known as the Black Summer — ravaged many parts of the country. Then, the global pandemic followed. 

Semester breaks are usually a great way for students to travel home and catch up with family and friends. As the Australian border is closed, it’s highly impossible for you to do so this year. The best option would be to stay in Australia and explore all it has to offer — and there is a lot.

Now, before you start making any plans, you need to make sure you are up to date on the latest SOPs and restrictions for each state. This website shows the latest updates on flights, trains, and so forth. The good news is New South Wales is now open for travellers and the rules are now easing up. The only state with travel restrictions is Victoria. Although it is encouraged to wear a mask, it is no longer mandatory unless you’re in a space where social distancing is impossible. If you’re gathering with friends, always check for the latest rules on limits. 

Now that we’re all caught up with the rules, here some fun ideas of what to do in Australia this 2021:


What better way to boost the great Outback’s tourism than by supporting local businesses, discovering hidden gems while learning about the nation’s rich culture all while filling the ‘gram with wanderlusting photos. Cape Tribulation, Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island are some of the many fantastic beaches Australia has to offer. 

what to do in Australia

As Australia’s restrictions ease, there are plentiful of options for students to enjoy for their semester break. Source: Saeed Khan/AFP

If you’re an international student, you might as well hit up some of the major hotspots like Surry Hills (Sydney’s answer to Notting Hill), NSW’s iconic Byron Bay or surfer’s favourite Bondi Beach. This country has a myriad of things to do, ranging from the desert to the beaches, from the city nightlife to the jungles. 

Catch up on movies, podcasts, music

There’s no better time to procrastinate and watch movies than a semester break. That show you always wanted to catch up on but never got around to? Do it. Here is a list for the 50 best movies on Netflix in Australia. Here’s another for educational podcasts to tune into, featuring topics ranging from history to modern economy. You know your Spotify account? Now is the perfect time to listen to and make a playlist for all the moods you’re feeling. 

what to do in Australia

What about building a great resume by volunteering? A great choice for students with plenty of options from working with animals to being chef volunteers. Source: William West/AFP


Volunteering not only helps keep your mind distracted, but is also beneficial towards building a great resume. SEEK Volunteer is one of Australia’s biggest sources of volunteering opportunities. You can try out what it’s like to be a wildlife keeper assistant or a photography coordinator.