16 things you absolutely have to do while you’re still a student


Of course, when you first start University, the end seems anywhere BUT near…

Before you have time to question how you possibly made it through, second year is under your belt and now the end is nigh.

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By now you’re probably sick of hearing that “these years are the best of your life!” but the last thing you’d want is to look back on your student experience and feel like you’d missed out. Some things are only truly acceptable in the midst of the student world, and everyone knows the unwritten rule of ‘What happens at university stays at university’ (ha, yeah right!). Without sounding like a total yawn, these years really are golden, and serve as the the last pure and honest chance to act like a mildly immature, excessively unhygienic and emotionally unstable crackpot…So you really should try to make the most of it!

Here are 16 rites of passage every student should achieve before leaving university:

1. Dance like your life depends on it in the sweatiest student nightclub.

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That’s right – nothing says ‘Student’ quite like the stench of last night’s partying seeping from your pores…

2. Prank all of your housemates.

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The anger will only last a mere number of hours, while the memory remains for a lifetime.

3. Sit through at least one lecture that you are really interested in but has absolutely nothing to do with your course.

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Not only will it leave you feeling pleasantly mischievous, but you may never get the chance to learn about the topic again. Just go, for the hell of it – it will be fun!

4. Buy a ‘Uni of…’ Hoodie.


Representin’ YSJ #YSJ #Hoodie #unihoodie #yorkstjohn #love #uni #unilife

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Trust me – there’s nothing your hangover needs more than a comfy hoodie that names-and-shames the very institution that’s done this to you…

5. Turn up to a 9am in your PJs, dressing gown and slippers.

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The world of work means you have to wake up early and head into civilisation looking utterly presentable; the student world means “HEY, I’M GONNA DEDICATE THREE YEARS OF MY LIFE TO YOU – IF I WANNA COME TO ONE LECTURE WEARING MY PYJAMAS, I WILL COME TO LECTURE WEARING MY PYJAMAS!”

*Ah-hem*…just sayin’.

6. Visit all the tourist attractions in your University town/city.

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Do absolutely everything your sticky-student fingers can get stuck into. See all there is to see and do all there is to do – this is your new home so take the opportunity to learn its unique culture and history. Oh! And don’t forget to claim your student discount!

7. Catch Fresher’s Flu.

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Catching this shady disease is much easier than you think **Sneeze** OH MY GOD, I’ve got Fresher’s flu!

8. Hand in an assignment early…

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Well, we can only dream!

9. Learn how to cook…

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…Student style.

10. Gather as many Domino’s student vouchers as physically possible and use every single one.

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No one else will answer your booty call when you’re drunk and hungry at four in the morning…trust!

11. Get thrown out of a club.

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Do it! Just once..it’s like being famous for a night. Probably best not to do it in a club you actually like going to, though…

12. Use every chance you can to take a nap.

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Time will never be this flexible again, so you lie down and rest those weary bones whenever you possibly can.

Nap at 12pm, nap at 6pm, then nap again at 4am…just because you can!

13. Fill your wardrobe with awesome fancy dress costumes.

Stock up on the weirest and most budget costumes you can find – or even better, make your own. Honestly, turning up to any student event in some form of fancy dress is like a VIP pass.

“This is a Dungeons & Drag Queens themed party.”

“…Yes, I know.”

“So, why are you dressed like a Jalapeno?”

“I dunno. Just ’cause.”

“…Awesome, come inside. You may want to shield your eyes – there’s one hell of a lot of sequins inside.”

14. Watch an entire TV series in one day.

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You’ve got enough time to Netflix & Chill until your eyes bleed!

15. Take all the free stuff and ask for a student discount everywhere you go.

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Be sure to carry your student card absolutely everywhere and ask for a cheeky discount – you’ll be surprised how much it works!

16. And finally, make your family, your friends and your country proud by throwing an epic house party.

“This, my friends, is a night that will go down in history!”

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