When choosing a university to study at, obviously you’d base your decision on things like the university’s reputation, the cost of tuition fees, or whether it offers a good course that you’re interested in.

All those rational considerations aside, the beauty of their university’s campus is also a point of pride for many students.

One of the reasons universities hold open days is to invite students and parents on campus so they can get a feel for the university’s character, and fall in love with its wide expanses of green lawn, and impressive architecture.  

And it works – sometimes you can just sense that a university is a good fit for you the moment you step on campus.

Now, we’re not telling you to choose a university based on its looks, but here are 15 of the most picturesque university campuses from all around the world that we’re sure you’d find Instagram-worthy!

1. University of Cambridge, U.K. 

2. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


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3. Aarhus University, Denmark


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4. McGill University, Canada


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5. University of Otago, New Zealand


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6. Peking University, China


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7. Queen’s University Belfast, U.K. 

8. University of Cape Town, South Africa


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9. University of Sydney, Australia


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10. Stanford University, U.S. 


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11. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

12. University of Rostock, Germany


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13. National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico


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14. Yale University, U.S. 


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15. University of Lisbon, Portugal


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If you think we’ve overlooked any, let us know!

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