10 things you’ll love about studying in Adelaide

If you’re itching to study abroad in an exciting place free from the hubbub and noise found in some of the world’s megacities, you should really consider Adelaide, Australia. A 20-minute car journey through Adelaide can take you to gorgeous and fun destinations, from natural beauty spots like Glenelg Beach and the Adelaide Hills, to more metropolitan areas like shopping centres and a vibrant party scene.

Tens of thousands of international students have made Adelaide their second home. In fact, 20 percent of people living in Adelaide aren’t from Australia at all! Additionally, Adelaide boasts the lowest level of crime per capita as of 2013. Such an open, international, and safe community is guaranteed to abound with opportunities for international student hopefuls.

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Let’s look at why Adelaide is such a popular study abroad destination:

1. Academic excellence is an Adelaide tradition

Did you know that, of the 15 Nobel Prizes awarded to Australians, 3 of the recipients were Adelaide locals who studied at the University of Adelaide? These include researcher J Robin Warren, pharmacologist Sir Walter Howard Florey, and physicist Sir William Lawrence Bragg. Two other residents of Adelaide have also won the Nobel Prize: author J.M. Coetzee and Sir William Henry Bragg, making it clear that Adelaide’s universities have made it their mission to cultivate excellence.

2. Find your home away from home

Adelaide has earned the fifth spot on the list of the “most livable cities in the world”, as determined by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Adelaide believes in giving a warm welcome to international students, and doesn’t believe in discriminating against culture, background, or religion. The city boasts an international community of students from over 150 countries!

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3. No matter what or where you want to study, Adelaide’s got you covered

Want to enroll in an internationally-recognized public university? Piece of cake. Fancy attending a private institution? No problem. Traditional education not your scene? Then you can enroll in a vocational training program instead. No matter what type of institution, programme, or course you want to take, Adelaide’s got it down.

4. Adelaide is the most affordable city in Australia

Thinking about going to Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne instead? Think again! (If you want to save some money, that is.) Living in Adelaide will cost you 7% less than if you were to live in Brisbane and Perth and is 19% more affordable than Sydney and Melbourne! You can use all that extra cash to have some fun in the heart of the city, maybe a fancy dinner out or an excursion to an Aussie festival.

5. Relax and have fun at Adelaide’s festivals!

Speaking of festivals, did you know that Adelaide plays host to over 400 events each year? No matter what you’re into – whether it’s world music, cars, film, or racing – Adelaide has a festival to celebrate it. And they have some delightfully quirky festivals as well, including the Cabaret and the Adelaide Fringe festivals!

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6. Immerse yourself in the culture and make new friends

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Adelaide knows how to treat its international students right. If you take advantage of the free and discounted events exclusively available to international students all year long, you’re sure to make unforgettable memories and forge friends that will last a lifetime.

7. Adelaide offers you a bonafide Aussie experience

Adelaide integrates nature and city, boasting gorgeous natural landscapes and wildlife reserves alongside a bustling city centre. The city gives you everything you need to quench your thirst for adventure (or wine, or kangaroos!).

8. Live and study in a central part of the city

International student accommodation is located in the heart of Adelaide. You’ll be one of 4,000 international students living in the centre of the city, within a few minutes’ walk of some of Adelaide’s most prestigious institutions. You also have a multitude of living options to choose from, including student apartments, on-campus residential accommodation, and private rentals.

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9. Earn discounts on public transport as an international student

You can save up to AUD$700 per year on transport costs as an international student. This is because you’ll reap the same transportation rewards as local students. Adelaide also offers free tram and bus services in Adelaide’s city centre. Finding your way around the city has never been easier or cheaper!

10. Let Adelaide be your gateway into the world

The skills you learn at Adelaide’s world-renowned institutions will take you wherever you want to go in the world. Its universities and educational programmes work alongside research centres and industry professionals to provide career opportunities to all their students, local and international alike. Countless Adelaide graduates have accepted careers from all around the world.

Still not convinced? We’ll let Adelaide’s international students speak for themselves:

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