Women’s colleges in the US that walk the equity talk
Source: Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles

“There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a third power stronger than both, that of women,” said Nobel Peace Prize-winning icon on women’s education, Malala Yousafzai. When women are educated, societies thrive: mortality rates drop, child marriages decline dramatically, more children receive education, and economies grow. 

Women’s colleges have always paved the way for radical change when others were still grappling with the idea of teaching women how to read. These colleges have produced stateswomen, innovators, award-winning artists and writers. To this day, their students continue to make meaningful changes to their communities through conviction, diligence, and empathy. Here are three women’s colleges in the US committed to social advancement by putting women’s education front and centre:

Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles

Women’s colleges

As the sole women’s college in Los Angeles, Mount Saint Mary’s challenges women to be the best version of themselves in all aspects of their lives. Source: Mount Saint Mary’s University Los Angeles

Standing tall and proud as the only women’s college in Los Angeles, Mount Saint Mary’s University (MSMULA) has empowered women to reach the fullest of their capabilities for nearly a century. Building on the values of its founders — the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet — the Mount cultivates strong, confident leaders committed to social justice, global awareness, and community.

With a sweeping view of the city and the Pacific Ocean, the main Chalon Campus is a student-friendly spot for on or off-campus living, with shuttles available for commuters. The campus itself, nestled in the hills, is located just minutes from downtown Los Angeles and provides a calm, safe community for students. Students can easily take day trips to the beach, the city, and other areas in beautiful southern California.

All aspirations are welcome to experience its excellence. MSMULA offers over 30 undergraduate majors and concentrations, in addition to 11 co-ed graduate degrees that prepare students for new career heights. Some of the most popular bachelor’s-level courses include Biology, Healthcare, Criminology, and Business Administration. The Global Women in STEM (GWSTEM) is a unique offering at the campus, training women to conduct basic and applied research in both sciences and social sciences.

As a women’s college, MSMULA is committed to nurturing and challenging women to be their best. In addition to curricular experiences, students can connect with various resources on campus, including the Centre for the Advancement of Women, where research, advocacy, and leadership development in areas of gender advancement are championed. Women make up 80% of the Mount faculty, providing students with strong female role models.

Boldness and empathy are deeply embedded in MSMULA’s academics. Its outstanding Liberal Arts Core Education (LACE) curriculum instils leadership and empathy, grounded in the ideals of the university’s founders and mission. Students are fortified with indispensable skills such as global awareness and understanding, critical thinking, and community so they can better themselves and the world around them. Little wonder why the University has been named one of MONEY Magazine’s Most Transformative Colleges.

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Bryn Mawr College

Women’s colleges

A historic college in Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr encourages young women to harness their passion towards positive and transformative change. Source: Facebook, Bryn Mawr College

As one of the iconic Seven Sisters colleges known for its selective liberal arts education, the Pennsylvania-based Bryn Mawr College has been a commanding force in academic innovation since 1885, specialising in putting theory into practice through fieldwork, research, internships, and social justice engagements. 

This distinguished women’s college emphasises the importance of learning through conversation and collaboration, primary reading, as well as original research and experimentation. Over 50 programmes are offered at the undergraduate level, and students can choose to combine majors, minors, and concentrations to achieve greater breadth in their studies. 

The college has two distinctive co-ed graduate schools and a post-baccalaureate premedical that enrich the community and offer opportunities for advanced study. A more hands-on experience in learning can be found in one of the college’s unique programmes that allow students to apply cross-disciplinary knowledge to find solutions to current problems. 

Women of Bryn Mawr flourish in a tight-knit community where they follow their passions and engage with peers to make lasting impact in their communities. More than 100 student organisations are available for students to pursue their interests outside of class, in addition to campus athletics, a lively campus art scene, and a tradition of self-governance that teaches Mawrters autonomy and respect. Students can opt to expand their learning through long-standing partnerships with Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as through the cultural and social resources of Philadelphia.

Wellesley College

Women’s colleges

Wellesley College is home to one of the most powerful women’s alumni networks globally, which counts renowned global leaders and visionaries among its ranks. Source: Facebook, Wellesley College

What do politicians Hilary Clinton and Madeleine Albright, and Academy Award nominee Nora Ephron have in common? They all attended Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, a member of the original Seven Sisters Colleges that has moulded thousands of accomplished, thoughtful women making a difference at the global stage. 

Its alumnae network is dubbed “the most powerful women’s network the world“, and it’s easy to see why: the campus is home to the Albright Institute, The Suzy Newhouse Centre for the Humanities, and the globally-renowned Wellesley Centres for Women, the largest research and action institute dedicated to gender equity and social change in the US. 

Here, young women take charge beyond their academic pursuits. The student voice is centred in the college’s decision-making process — the young women of Wellesley serve on major committees on the Board of Trustees, participate in faculty research, and are pivotal in strategic planning. 

Students can choose from more than 50 majors, with a core curriculum that is designed for breadth and depth in basic human inquiry that provides a solid foundation for upper-year studies. About half of the college’s students participate in a study abroad programme, while some opt for intercollegiate programmes with prestigious partner institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Brandeis University.

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