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Why you should study in France’s most dynamic business school

Imagine heated conversations about life, love and everything in between as you sit on iconic terraces immortalised in popular culture. Breathe in the fresh Mediterranean air as you cruise the Côte d’Azur. Check out the chic locals, from the florists to the models. Stroll the Champs-Elysées of Jean-Luc Godard’s films or along the celebrated seaside promenade known as La Croisette in Cannes. Coo over a fish-rich bouillabaisse or a chicken tajine in Marseille.

Welcome to France — the bastion of culture, history and power draws millions to its timeless streets every year. Over 300,000 of them are students, who know an inspiring location is just as important as the degree they seek. At SKEMA Business School, you get both and more.

SKEMA Business School is a top-ranked global institution. In the Financial Times 2021 rankings, its MSc Financial Markets and Investments is ranked third worldwide. The Master in Management is 12th worldwide (and fourth among the French schools represented) in The Financial Times 2019 rankings. It is also multi-accredited (Equis, AACSB and EFMD Accredited EMBA). “I feel privileged to be a student at SKEMA because of its high quality of education and highly professional teachers,” shares Sonali, an Indian MSc student.

SKEMA Business School has seven campuses spread across four countries (one each in Brazil, China, South Africa and the US) and France (Lille, Paris, Sophia Antipolis). They host a diverse cohort of students from 120 nations. The result? A distinctive energy few other business schools can replicate.

SKEMA Business School

This multi-accredited B-school trains talents to transform the world through a sustainable approach. Source: SKEMA Business School

For generations, France has embraced waves of talents. They first came from Europe, followed by those of African, Arab and Asian descent. Millions of French have foreign roots. They enrich French culture and society, one immigrant at a time.

In diversity lies strength — and both France and SKEMA have plenty of it. “France is well known for its diversity of culture and to be able to study here and experience it is a dream come true,” shares Sonali.

MSc student Felipe used to work in L´Oreal in supply chain and marketing in Colombia. Since joining SKEMA, his world has gotten a lot bigger — and with more friends. “This year, I have developed my personal network with people from all over the world who became my friends in a short period of time.”

SKEMA Business School

SKEMA Business School is home to 120 nationalities on campus. Source: SKEMA Business School

For all its cultural glories, France is as compelling to business students as it is to artists, writers and performers. It is the birthplace of Christine Lagarde — the first woman to serve as the managing director of the International Monetary Fund and as president of the European Central Bank — as well as rock star economist Thomas Piketty, the author of multi-million selling book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.”

From established luxury fashion houses to smaller online sites, French products clothe the who’s who of the world we live in, including British royalty and Instagram cult influencers. Aerospace giant Airbus has its roots in France and still has its headquarters and main facilities located in Toulouse. These are feats of the French business world, just as much as its creative arts and engineering disciplines.

Such dynamism is a key reason many international students flock to SKEMA every year. They come in search of a degree that will open their eyes as well as the doors into the French labour market and beyond.

“France offers a high standard of living and good career opportunities for international graduates,” shares Sonali. “Work-life balance is highly valued in France. The social security system and benefits in France are just a couple of reasons why working in France is appealing to expats.”

SKEMA offers one or two-year masters of science (MSc) programmes — in areas such as finance, management, marketing, as well as business and strategy — that provide the specialised knowledge for graduates to break into their fields of choice. Other business-related postgraduate programmes include the MSc Global Luxury and Management; MSc Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Design; MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation; and MSc Luxury Hospitality and Innovation course. They are taught entirely in English.

“The courses we had have helped me to understand not only how marketing works through multiple case studies from different companies in various sectors, but also how to create value and resolve problems,” explains Felipe. “The MSc programme has also allowed me to develop my soft skills: team-working with different cultures, communication, and interpersonal competencies.”

Armed with the knowledge, skills and experience that are valuable in the job market, students like Felipe and Sonali emerge as highly employable graduates. “The environment in SKEMA is just perfect for anyone to build their future career,” Sonali shares. 

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