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A powerful investment in your future, Washington University in St. Louis School of Law (WashULaw) is where many international LLM students evolve into strong leaders and thoughtful legal practitioners.

Paired with a solid legal foundation, WashULaw ensures that graduates possess the essential skills for achieving their career goals, for making a difference in their communities, and for pursuing real-world solutions to global challenges.

Successfully equipping students with the theoretical knowledge and industry skills needed to ethically and effectively practice law, degrees here continually encourage learners to pursue justice in a dynamic and globally-connected legal environment – even after graduation.

Through the Intensive Legal English Program (ILEP), WashULaw learners entering an LLM course can take their practical skills one step further.

A 4-week summer experience with 24 hours per week of academic instruction, focusing on legal practice and classroom comprehension and communication, the ILEP provides the perfect start to your US study experience in St. Louis, Missouri.

What is the ILEP at WashULaw?

Offered for entering LLM students at Washington University in St. Louis, the ILEP is one of the most established international and English language programs in the United States.

Designed by English Language Support specialists and law school deans to bridge the gap for non-native speakers to enter law school classes, the program is for any aspiring LLM student, but is particularly helpful (and could be required) for students who have a slightly lower TOEFL score or who would otherwise benefit from some more English training.

English program


Including exclusive listening and speaking courses, reading and writing courses, cultural activities outside the classroom, optional campus housing and an ILEP certificate to present to potential employers, opting for this scheme is a smart choice.

Here, you’ll gain a leading graduate advantage by developing robust and agile language skills for your future lectures and working environments, all while immersing yourself in the campus and local community.

Please note that the program is normally around US$8,000 in value, but it’s free of charge for entering WashULaw LLM students. All admitted and deposited international LLM students are invited to participate in the ILEP, but space is limited.

You must also register for the ILEP and complete all visa documents as early as possible to take advantage of this exceptional program.

How does WashU encourage English Language Support?

Testifying to the endless support supplied by WashULaw, Xiangyuan Yu, US Law LLM alumnus, certainly enjoyed his time at the school.

“I love WashULaw, not only because it boasts world-renowned experts dedicated to teaching, but also because it pays great attention to students’ career development, for which I’m very grateful,” he explains.

One way in which WashULaw leverages students’ skills is through English Language support avenues such as having a ‘point person’ in place.

For the School of Law, your point person would be Pamela Dzunu, Coordinator of Legal English Programs. Available at pdzunu@wustl.edu, Pamela is there to help you discover how the school’s English support options can help you achieve your goals.

WashU schools also provide courses and other services, designed for the WashU community, to strengthen academic and professional communication skills in English. WashULaw has recently launched the Center for Academic Support and Legal English (CASLE) offering LLM students support throughout the academic year.

So, if you need further guidance after completing your ILEP 4-week summer course, the ongoing English Language Support services will facilitate your transition to WashU, help you engage with the university and surrounding community, and position you to be a competitive candidate for opportunities in life after WashU.

Committed to your success, WashULaw has the needs of international LLM students specifically in mind and wants to see you succeed in all aspects of your course.

What programs can you pursue as an LLM student?

For aspiring global lawyers, the LLM program is the ideal fit for your academic and professional goals.

With speciality programs such as the LLM in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, the LLM with Concentration in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, the Two-year LLM with a Focus on Legal English and the Juridicae Scientiae Doctor (JSD) degree, international students will soon expand their knowledge of both US and international law.

English program


Situated in the stunning Anheuser-Busch Hall, the School of Law provides library facilities, state-of the-art student computer laboratories, study areas, faculty offices and a law cafe with local and seasonal food for study breaks.

Plus, with the newly renovated athletic facility nearby and a gorgeous Forest Park adjacent to campus, you’re in the prime position for the perfect work/study life balance.

Strengthening your academic and professional communication skills in English and helping you strategise your career with a future-focused degree, ignite your legal talents with the WashULaw ILEP today.

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