Wholesome development for future graduates

A student’s time at university is a significant turning point in their lives, not just academically but also for personal development.

Most students are at an age where they’re figuring out who they are as adults. It’s the ideal time for them to develop a strong sense of self, as well as the skills that will guide them both professionally and personally.

At Hong Kong Polytechnic University, commonly referred to as PolyU, the school takes pride in offering multiple opportunities where future graduates develop holistically in every aspect.

The university’s mission is “to nurture critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers and socially responsible global citizens.”

The aim is to guide students towards becoming bold individuals who are not afraid to take on new challenges, and push students to their limits so they can grow.

Its innovative methods for educating youths and its strong academic standing has led to the institution consistently being ranked among some of the best in the world.

It was recently ranked 8th in QS Top 50 under 50 Rankings 2020, and 91st in QS World University Rankings 2020.

Experiential learning opportunities to enrich personal development

The university offers plenty of practical and hands-on learning so students develop soft skills that help them in their development towards becoming employable graduates and well-rounded individuals.

Students here have the benefit of a guaranteed internship opportunity under the Work-Integrated Education programme – a compulsory component of full-time undergraduate programmes at PolyU.

Defined as ‘work-based learning experiences that take place in an organisational context relevant to a student’s future profession, or the development of generic skills that will be valuable in that profession,’, the objective is to help students develop a range of valuable attributes and apply theory to real-life scenarios.

Plus, there are also student exchange opportunities that provide students with global exposure, offering fantastic experiences where they can discover new interests and build their characters.

Irish Chinn, an international student in her fourth year in the Bachelor of Arts in Product Design, said, “Coming to PolyU was an amazing opportunity for me and I’m extremely grateful for the education I’ve received so far.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“During my time here, I took part in an exchange programme with a design school in Zurich, Switzerland.

“I had an amazing time there and was able to participate in a more “artistic” schooling environment. But this also enabled me to realise that my course at PolyU had made me a far more practical and organised designer.

“The skills that I’ve been taught have given me the ability to actualise my creative thoughts in a more productive and efficient way.”

There are also several development programmes for students to enhance their skillsets and seek support on their student journeys.

For example, there are different forms of entrepreneurship education that extend beyond the classroom to nurture innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in future graduates.

The China Entrepreneurship Fund provides financial support for new businesses in China, as well as entrepreneurial support and services, mentorship programmes, overseas study missions, entrepreneurship enrichment workshops and seminars, and networking opportunities with business partners and potential investors.

There’s also the PolyU Micro Fund Scheme which has been offering seed funds for students to help them kickstart their businesses and bring their visions to life since 2011.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Central location in financial hub of Asia

Despite ongoing protests and political unrest, international students are still looking at Hong Kong as a suitable study abroad destination due to world-class universities like PolyU.

The central location in a financial hub in Asia positions students for a plethora of career opportunities and a great student experience in a vibrant city full of culture.

Another reason I moved to Asia was because I’m very interested in manufacturing and wanted to educate myself so I could help to find a solution to the world’s pollution problems.

Chinn said, “PolyU’s school of design is ranked 16th in the world – and it did not get that ranking through luck! The schooling is tough and the teachers really push you to your limits, but it’s all worth it because the education you get here really sets you up for success in the working world – especially in product design.

“Previously I couldn’t imagine learning about design and manufacturing from an institution so far removed from where the manufacturing is actually happening, but here at PolyU that is exactly what they’ve achieved.

“The programmes and clubs offered at PolyU will really help you stay motivated and constantly searching for the next thing on your educational or working path.”

For an all-round education that develops future graduates into strong and confident individuals, Hong Kong Polytechnic University is the place to be.

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