Which US universities admit the most international students?

Which US universities admit the most international students?
These universities are opening their gates to international students. Source: Shutterstock

When Donald Trump came to power in 2017, it was speculated that international students would soon be no longer welcome in the US. Now, 18 months into his term, more international students are studying in the US than ever before.

Despite the numerous travel bans, tightening up of the F-1 and H-1B visa allocations and uncertainty about the reception of international students in the US, 1.1 million overseas students are still choosing the US as their study abroad destination, making it the world’s most sought-after study destination.

World-renowned Ivy League schools, progressive Liberal Arts campuses, exciting graduate prospects and hundreds of growing businesses waiting to snap up fresh graduate talent keep the US ahead of Australia, Canada and the UK in the overseas student market.

More students than ever are choosing to study in the US. Source: Shutterstock

There are many US universities that have incredibly high acceptance rates for international students – not only does this mean you’ve got a ready-made community at your new school, but it also means you have a pretty good chance of being accepted.

Here are the 13 schools that accept the most international students in the US, according to US News

University No. of international students that applied No. of international students accepted Percentage of those who applied and took their place US News Ranking
University of Illinois 75 67 89 percent 159
Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi 46 41 89 percent 231-300
University of Maine 295 263 89 percent 181
Whichita State University 700 624 89 percent 231-300
University of Cincinnati 1,839 1,736 94 percent 133
Colorado State University 729 701 96 percent 124
University of Kansas 455 439 96 percent 115
Texas Woman’s University 75 73 97 percent 231-300
Wayne State University 170 165 97 percent 223
University of Memphis 237 233 98 percent 231-300
University of Nevada – Las Vegas 204 201 99 percent 231-300
Binghamton University – SUNY 1,561 1,561 100 percent 87
University of Hartford (CT) 62 62 100 percent 176

Although these universities are not topping the league tables, you can rely on them to host a thriving international student community in some of the most popular US states.

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