Where a Drexel University College of Computing & Informatics degree can take you
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Where a Drexel University College of Computing & Informatics degree can take you

Experiment. Collaborate. Challenge. These are what Drexel University College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) students get to do as they prepare to drive information and technology  innovation and improve lives within any industry or career field they choose.

It’s a big goal — and something that takes comprehensive knowledge, skills and hands-on experience. As one of the top 10 US institutions for student performance on coding tests (according to CodeSignal) and ranked in the top five among Information Science degree programmes in the US, CCI is up to the task.

It starts with classes that inspire. Here, faculty members bring experience and insight that bring curriculum to life. For example, Dr. Bruce Char, a professor emeritus, was instrumental in developing Maple, a general-purpose computer algebra system that performs symbolic and numerical calculations. Other professors have received grants from prestigious agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, and the Office of Naval Research.

To study at CCI is to join an unmatched and inclusive environment for 21st century information and technology education and research. It’s a key reason behind the success of CCI students and graduates, as these stories below show:

Tien Nguyen

Although her background is in chemical engineering, Tien Nguyen is convinced she made the right career switch, starting with a Master of Science (MS) in Data Science at Drexel.  

Tien Nguyen. Source: Drexel University

What stood out to her was the data science curriculum, which allowed her to choose classes from both departments at CCI: Computer Science and Information Science. “Through my interdisciplinary coursework, I was able to build a strong foundation, which I’m sure will be very useful in the future,” she shares. 

Nguyen also benefited from the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of her professors and classmates, as well as opportunities to build professional connections and know-how.  “Additionally, Drexel has many career-related workshops and events which have helped to prepare me for interviews as well as make connections with people with diverse backgrounds,” says Nguyen. 

Edmond Mbadu

For Edmond Mbadu, who hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the industry experience he gained from his two co-ops – one for a small, sustainable design company and the second at Intel – gave him crucial insight.

“In both co-ops, I talked to customers, designed the prototype, and built the thing in question,” he shares. “This complete cycle in which I was involved introduced perspective into my thinking.”

Additionally, the subjects he took were unique. The Software Design class delved into the science behind good software. “As a student of computer science, I spend a good deal of time writing software. But in this case software was itself the subject of investigation. Not to mention, the professor (Boris Valerstein) was amazing,” he says. 

Khiem Nguyen

If there’s one word to describe Khiem Nguyen’s CCI experience, it would be “welcoming.” Despite joining CCI during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic  in March 2021, support was readily available at Drexel. “I found many resources on the university’s website that helped me navigate college, such as academics, housing and student life during the pandemic,” shares the Vietnamese student. 

Khiem Nguyen. Source: Drexel University

Since then, he’s been paying it forward. “In April 2022, I became a Graduate Dean’s Ambassador at Drexel CCI, where I was able to share my experience and knowledge with prospective students,” he says. “In July 2022, I worked as a counsellor for Drexel’s Digital Development Camp, where I assisted high school students with cybersecurity projects.” 

Today, Nguyen carries these memories with pride as he pursues a PhD in Computer Science at Lehigh University. 

Serpe Boyer

Reflecting on her time at CCI, the MS in Information Systems graduate and interaction designer at Google shares how the flexible curriculum allowed her to choose courses directly related to her day-to-day work. 

“I learned about many new topics that I was not familiar with, such as relational database systems and information retrieval, both of which are related to how end users search and find what they need online,” Boyer shares. 

Another thing she’s grateful for? CCI’s strong emphasis on group projects. “This approach is extremely relevant to how I collaborate with other colleagues at work. Gaining more experience collaborating remotely enabled me to consider new approaches in being more direct and precise in communication,” she says. 

So, are you ready to see where your education at CCI can take you? Click here to get started. 

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