Germany is increasingly popular with international students. Source: Shutterstock.

There’s no denying it: Germany is a hugely popular destination for international students. And it’s easy to see why.

But of all the alluring reasons to study in Germany, what is the top reason its international students chose the European country above anywhere else?

Quite simply: money.

After reviewing over 4,000 prospective international students hoping to head to Germany for their studies, Studying in Germany found the “low-to-no-cost” of studying at a German institution was their number one reason for selecting the country.

The survey found 35.3 percent of the respondents felt it was the costs of studying in Germany compared to the cost back home that was the real clincher, The Local revealed.

This was shortly followed by academic reputation with 29.3 percent of respondents claiming the prestige and reputation of the country’s universities was the main reason they wanted to study there.

The other two significant factors prospective students found persuasive was the wide availability of programmes taught in the English language (20.4 percent) and Germany’s beautiful landscape (15.1 percent).


Have a bit of extra cash to play with certainly makes student life a little more fun in Munich! Source: Kinga Cichewicz/Unsplash

“Germany is always an ideal destination for young people, and not just for studying purposes, but also for leisure, traveling and working,” Studying in Germany Founder Besart Bajrami told The Local.

And these prospective students don’t just want to study in Germany; almost 70 percent of them also had hopes of staying and working in the country after they graduate.

Many students from developing countries in Asia and even in Europe see remaining in Germany “as a solution to a more secure financial well-being because of its thriving economy, job market, and excellent quality of life,” Bajrami said.

There is “a lot of demand” for a number of jobs in the technology, medicine, science and engineering fields in Germany so international students aspiring to work in these sectors are likely to find success, Bajrami claimed.

As the number of international students in Germany increases, the country is likely to flourish off international talent, greatly benefitting the German economy.

“International students bring a lot of economic benefits to Germany,” Bajrami said.

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