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Washington College: Where international students flourish in all aspects

At Washington College in the US, international students develop into well-rounded graduates thanks to the breadth and depth of opportunities offered here. From double majors to internships to semester-long interdisciplinary programmes, they make for an exciting and successful study abroad adventure for the diverse talents who arrive at its campus every year.

Shreyas Suresh from India is one such graduate. The major in business management and economics found  meaningful connections, a chance to make a difference, and more at the college.

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He says, “What I love most are the relationships that we’re able to form with anybody at any level in the college. If I have a question about my visa requirements, I can just walk into the [Global Education Office] and say, ‘I need help with this.’ I’ve had dinner with a professor at his home. Mr. [Thomas] Crouse, who’s on the board, invited me and a friend to his house in New Hampshire to talk about our experiences as international students. That’s something you would never find at a bigger school.”

In Enactus, an organisation of students using entrepreneurship to solve social issues, where he served as the president, Suresh found purpose. The organisation worked on projects such as “Soap With Hope” which raised funds for a trip to Haiti to establish a soap business and help with sanitation there.

He explains, “The people at the Kent Centre, who are developmentally-disabled, make and package all of it. We see how happy they are to make the soap, and we’re giving them a source of income. That makes me feel like I’m doing something important.”

That’s not all. The list of rich experience Suresh was able to gather during his time at Washington College includes having lunch with Warren Buffet and serving in several organisations — student representative on the Economic Development Commission, treasurer of Phi Delta Theta, and Co-Chief Investment Officer in Corporate Governance of the Brown Advisory Student-Managed Investment Fund.

A location in Chestertown, Maryland provides the ideal, picturesque backdrop for these enriching experiences. There is an enviable variety of cuisines to try, 18th-century colonial residences to visit, brick sidewalks to wander through, and antique stores to spend hours in. Washington College itself is a historic monument as it is the country’s tenth oldest liberal arts college.

As Suresh’s story shows, the college’s philosophy “Do you. Do it all. Do it here” truly applies here. At Washington College, international students can really have it all.

Five pillars of the Washington College study experience

Washington College creates well-rounded students, realises unparalleled study abroad experiences, and inspires graduates to create a better tomorrow. What’s the secret behind its success in all three aspects?

Source: Washington College

It starts with the school’s five pillars. The first pillar is learning without limits, its umbrella term for the plethora of career opportunities available here. This includes internships, research fellowships, study abroad opportunities, and job shadowing.

Next is the written word. At this liberal arts school, faculty members strongly encourage critical thinking and freedom of expression through writing and speaking. As a result, all  graduates of Washington College are effective communicators and strong writers.

The Rose O’Neill Literary House,one of the cultural hubs on campus, is the epicentre of the college’s strong literary focus. It offers literary programming across disciplines, spaces to study and to hold class, professional mentorship, and guidance for students. Ultimately, it’s a place where students can evolve as artists and take the first step on their paths towards becoming effective writers, editors, and publishers when they graduate.

The third pillar is environmental action, where students are inspired and motivated to become impactful green leaders. Every year, students can join its efforts and research projects in sustainability, or head over to the Centre for Environment and Society to find out what student opportunities are open to them.

The fourth pillar is past informing the future. This builds on the college’s history of providing solid liberal arts education since its founding in 1782. The Starr Centre for the study of the American Experience, which explores the country’s history and fosters the craft of historical writing, shows how the college is a place that takes lessons from the past to forge a better future.

The last pillar is meaningful connections. Here, students benefit from a caring faculty that treats students like family. There is also a strong international alumni network and 87 clubs and organisations to meet like-minded people and explore new interests.

Looking for an insightful and memorable study abroad experience? Through these five pillars, you’ll become the best version of yourself and collect experiences that last a lifetime at Washington College.

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