VIRAL: Mum tries to surprise her daughter at Uni but it all goes horribly wrong…

Moving away from home can be daunting to say the least, but it’s not always the student who finds themselves craving the familiar comforts of home – it’s also pretty tough for our parents as they often miss us, too.

So when McKenna Pilling, a Freshman from Utah State University, received a cryptic message from her Mum earlier this month, she could only assume her doting parent had left the New York family home to pay her a surprise visit.

Oh McKenna, if only things were that simple…


The tweet from McKenna that went viral

We are sure “Momma Pilling” had the best of intentions when she missioned across the country to surprise her daughter, but it all went Pete Tong when, thinking McKenna was out, Momma Pilling let herself into what she thought was her daughter’s dorm. She settled down, again, on what she thought was her daughter’s bed, even taking a cheeky selfie to pass the time and give McKenna a sneak-peak of what she had in store.

But all was not quite as it seemed…

Oh Momma, you only went and got the wrong freaking dorm!

Yes Momma, yes you are!

Luckily McKenna saw the funny side of her Mum’s cringe-tastic blunder, and so did the rest of the world, giving it 34,000 likes on Twitter (at the time of publication), along with 16,000 retweets!

Momma Pilling, thanks for making the whole world laugh, but what we want to know is…whose room was it? Did you make it out undetected? And, come to think of it – how did you even get in there?!

Image via McKenna Pilling/Twitter.

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