VIRAL: KoreanBilly teaches international students all about scouse slang, la!

“That brekkie was boss, la!”

As a non-native student in a brand new culture and climate, getting to grips with a wide range of regional dialects can be a pretty challenging feat…

Luckily, KoreanBilly is on the case, tending to your translation needs like a cute little K-Pop dictionary!

‘Scouse’, or ‘Liverpudlian’, is commonly known as one of the most distinct – and perhaps confusing – accents in the United Kingdom, consistently bamboozling the brave international student from all four corners of the globe. But thanks to Billy’s brand-new vlog, students can now master the crack.

From visiting “ar kid” at the “ozzy”, to heading to “the asda” for some “scran, la”, or even hitting the town to pick up some new “clobber”, Billy is King of the Scouse word on the street.

With his street-wise words and endearing Scouse slur, KoreanBilly has amassed a legion of keen followers, with this particular video gaining 38,887 views at the time of writing. One YouTube commenter, Panky Mel, wrote: “As a scouser I really admire you learning the Scouse dialect! I have moved down south and people do not understand me very well when I say the word ‘ozzy’!”

Via YouTube.

KoreanBilly, thanks for showing us woolybacks the ropes in this proper boss video, la! You’ve done a proper sound job fella, but now we’re really strugglin’ with the Scottish bants, like…

Fancy helping us out??

Image via YouTube

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