UWTSD: International student support and guidance

UWTSD: International student support and guidance

When you’re first starting out as an international student, you want to ensure your chosen university has effective support services in place to provide valuable guidance in times of need.

So many learners around the world choose to dedicate their time and talents to UWTSD; a University that boasts excellent student support and assistance.

Valuable Visa Advice

Typically, if you’re looking to study in the UK and you live overseas, you’ll need to apply for the appropriate course before embarking on your UWTSD experience. If you have concerns about your application or you’re struggling with the process, the UWTSD international student recruitment team will direct you on how to apply.

By providing comprehensive visa and immigration advice, the university will steer you, step-by-step, through each stage of your application. As their helpful video guide elucidates, you are never alone during study journey to Wales.

Accommodating your UK arrival

So, you’ve just arrived in the wonderful country of Wales but you’re wondering, what’s next? UWTSD arranges an airport pickup service to take you to your campus (Please note this is on set dates as advertised)

Supportive Welcome Packs

To complement the orientation sessions and resourceful travel advice, UWTSD has also developed a supportive International and European Student Welcome Guide.

As you can see, the pack provides a personal message from the Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Haslett. As he confirms, “The presence of overseas students is very important to university life, not just from an educational perspective, but also in terms of enhanced cultural and social awareness. I am very proud of our reputation of providing a caring and supportive learning environment for all our students.”

The 2018/2019 edition of the welcome guide allows you to view the innovative initiatives the university has released to empower the next cohort of international students.

Featuring perks like the Cultural Programme for International and European students and regular drop-in meetings at the SU, there’s a lot of great advantages to studying at UWTSD.

Since the university places students at the heart of its welfare and support services, Trinity Saint David is an academic institution you know you’ll be able to trust.

UWTSD Student Perspective

As an international student considering the University of Wales Trinity Saint David as the next best study destination, it’s great to hear what current learners and graduates thought about their own experience…

“I had a wonderful time at UWTSD and felt surrounded by great people while in Carmarthen. I have improved my language and communication skills and all my lecturers and friends are helpful when it comes to assignments and projects. I will never forget my experience at this university and it’s something that I will treasure forever.”- Jennifer Mina Manggie from Malaysia.

“My professors taught me how to question my thoughts, speak carefully, think critically, and act courageously. They were a constant source of motivation and with their professional guidance they helped me to surpass myself and achieve to receive a scholarship as the best student of my Faculty.”-Odhise Myftari from Albania.

“I want to thank all the lecturers for their hard work, they helped me to prepare for the real-world and without their energy and commitment, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And for all those aspiring learners out there who are considering UWTSD, go for it and never give up.”-Reham Al-Shaibani from Yemen.  

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