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The University of South Wales (USW) in the UK is renowned for its top-quality education and partnerships with major employers. In 2020, it is exporting its unique brand of career-ready university degrees with its first international campus in Dubai, UAE.

Based in Dubai South, an emerging industry hub alongside the Al Maktoum International Airport, the USW Dubai campus itself acts as a portal to professional development opportunities as it hosts businesses and employees from across the globe.

This was what set its aerospace engineering courses apart from the other universities Indian national Radlee Jovan Dsouza was considering as a base for his aviation career to take flight from.

“Studying in Dubai South makes me feel like I am part of something bigger,” says Radlee.

“And to be situated right in front of the world’s largest airport in the making and to see aircrafts take-off from over Dubai South is incredible,” says Radlee.

Currently, Radlee is studying a BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, which he notes was the only degree programme that he has seen to integrate European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) license training.

Radlee’s course underscores the special kind of education that takes place at USW Dubai, ie. university courses that immerse industry insights into lessons.

This means that all on-campus practical workshops and laboratory spaces are treated as a live aircraft environment and uphold the same commercial aviation quality that you would expect in the industry worldwide.

For Radlee, USW Dubai’s hands-on learning approach has been a major highlight in his university  experience thus far: “I myself have experienced industry insights during my internship at MSI Aircraft Maintenance Services International, where there were quite a lot of instances where I had to implement the theory and the practical knowledge I gained from the university.”

On top of this valuable experience with a top aircraft maintenance company in Dubai, he’s also had the chance to amplify his employability and boost his resume while completing his degree.

“This course has helped me a lot in terms of gaining knowledge to be industry-ready. It has also helped me get all possible exposure to industry standards,” he adds.

When asked about life beyond the classroom, the aspiring aerospace engineer said he has had full faculty support all the way:

“The professors have been very supportive. May it be professional or personal — they have always made us feel comfortable right from day one.

“They share their industrial experiences related to the subject and this has helped us get an insight into how the situations are handled in the industry.”

Plus, if Radlee or his peers ever feel like they need help with something else, they can contact their campus student services, the UK Students’ Union or the Advice Zone which is a welcoming point of contact for all student enquiries.

Employability skills that last a lifetime

Stories like Radlee’s have become legion in the USW Dubai campus.

Coursemate Rishika Nishal Fernando from Sri Lanka would be the first to agree about how incredibly supportive the staff at USW Dubai are.

“They’ve made me feel welcome and helped me get used to the life of a university student during my time away from home,” she said.

“And they have developed my skills when it comes to presenting in front of a class and taught me how to improve my grades for my assignments.”

Like Radlee, Rishika is also pursuing a Bachelor of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and deems the industry-oriented modules as “useful” and “practical”.

Both have benefited from access to state-of-the-art training facilities, which adds to their employability and gives them a head start before stepping into their first working roles.

For instance, there are mechanical principles laboratories, sheet metal working soundproofed riveting areas and composite-based equipment to produce sample materials.

Dedicated laboratory spaces for practical electronic tasks and the Snap-on Tools 80C Level 5 tool chest with its automatic tool tracking system also give students a chance to be a cut above the competition when applying for jobs in the aircraft maintenance engineering industry.

“And if aviation is the field that you would like to pursue, then go ahead and apply to USW Dubai as this university has the best education to offer to their students.

“It also has remarkable facilities, opportunities to network with industry experts and well-experienced faculty to guide you in the right direction,” advises Radlee.

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to study at a campus that’s in the centre of an emerging industry hub and connects you to major global networking events such as the World Expo 2020 and the Dubai Airshow, then register your interest today.

It’s time for your career to take flight.

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