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Today’s job market is looking for the business graduate who can do it all. As new technologies emerge and disrupt markets, the role of the business executive today is always expanding.

Thus, in the eyes of hiring managers and recruiters, the ideal business graduate is not just one with the traditional skill set in finance, operations, marketing and accounting. They are searching for one who understands e-commerce, provides insightful consulting, is able to hatch ideas even from uninspiring settings, has experience working at a giant consumer products company, etc. It’s a long list and one that continues to grow.

Not every university is able to produce graduates who tick all these boxes. For the aspiring business student, the key isn’t to search for business schools that can do the impossible.

The smartest move would be to find one that takes the time to talk and meet with their prospective students, one that tailors programmes according to their individual goals and personality. An impressive record of alumni who have gone places doesn’t hurt, either.

One business school that fits the bill is the University of Wolverhampton’s Business School. Through a blend of innovative courses and services to boost graduate employability, Wolverhampton students become some of the most sought-after graduates in business today.

And this is how the international business school does it:

Cutting-edge syllabus developed and taught by industry experts

Wolverhampton Business School offers the following courses at the undergraduate level: BA (Hons) Business Management, BSc (Hons) International Business Management to name a few, as well as those in specialist areas like Finance, Accounting Systems and Economics; Human Resources and Leadership; and Marketing, Innovation, Leisure and Enterprise.

At the postgraduate level, courses include Master’s degrees like the Master of Business Administration (MBA), International Masters of Business Administration (IMBA), MSc Finance and Accounting and the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Diplomas and Certificates as well as Professional courses in marketing are available too.

But regardless of which mode or level of study, these courses are never static.

Thanks to a dedicated faculty, courses are always re-developed and refined to meet the needs of the business world. This comes naturally to the school’s lecturers and professors as many are drawn from a wide spectrum of business and management disciplines and backgrounds.

“The lecturers were the best part for me, I could never ask for more. They truly are incredible people. They pushed me and encouraged me to thrive and be the best that I could be and were always there to help me when I needed them,” said Tanya Mpofu, a BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance graduate.

From senior officers in multinationals and blue chip organisations, to experienced figures in the public sector for non-profit organisations, their expertise is evident in the courses taught at the largest and most successful CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) Centre in the Midlands.

Take the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship syllabus, for example. Through this, students gain high-level knowledge and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship concepts and principles. Lecturers then guide students as they apply the knowledge gained onto a range of learning experiences, including live case studies, visiting speakers and blended learning.

Business luminaries that have given lectures at Wolverhampton range from Innovation expert and part of the pioneering team behind the Xbox Kinect, Val Wright to Trevor Leeks (Operations Director at Jaguar Land Rover).

Apprenticeships to build confidence and gain up-to-date theory and practice in industry

The aim of any business school’s career services and industry placement component worth their salt is to have its learners walk away with the ability and confidence to take charge of their futures.

This vision guides Wolverhampton Business School in supporting its undergraduate and postgraduate students through employability initiatives and business engagement opportunities.

In June, the school celebrated its first year of delivering the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) in partnership with British provider of public services Serco. It’s a win-win situation for the students and company, according to Mark Price, Director of Apprenticeships (Business) at the university:

“The CMDA provides a range of benefits for students and the employers. The students get a mixture of theory, knowledge, skills and training to ensure they can develop further as managers within their organisations.”

“Employers get committed, able, confident staff who are looking to make changes within their organisation based on the most up-to-date theory and practice within business and the commercial environment,” he explained.

Effective coaching and mentoring

Another way Wolverhampton helps students kick off successful careers in business is through its Institute of Directors Mentoring scheme. This is where the school links up business students with leading figures from industry who act as a mentor in their final year.

Kimmy Forshaw, who graduated in 2017 with a first in BA (Hons) Marketing and Business Management, is one former learner still reaping the benefits of the scheme.

The marketing officer at Lanyon Bowdler solicitors in Shrewsbury remembers how her mentor gave her valuable insight on what to do next after graduating. Not only did Forshaw’s mentor help her find a direction to take her career in post-graduation, he also taught her understand what an employer looks for on a CV.

“There are a wide variety of directors taking part in the scheme and this became very useful when taking part in the mock interview sessions as it gave me a taste of talking to people from different industries,” she elaborated.

Forshaw’s positive experience with this scheme isn’t an anomaly. This astute and comprehensive guidance underpins the myriad of support Wolverhampton offers to its business students so that they secure the work experience for the job and career they want to pursue.

“I am also putting my degree into practice. I understand the theory behind what we do and I have a better understanding of why we choose to use certain methods. I’m now looking forward to developing my career further.” she said.

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