University of Vermont: Moving humankind forward through research and education
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University of Vermont: Moving humankind forward through research and education

Since 1791, the University of Vermont (UVM) has advanced knowledge to improve the health of individuals, societies, and the natural world that sustains us.

Today, UVM continues its focus on research and education aimed at creating sustainable solutions to pressing problems facing our planet and humankind. Students and faculty at the University of Vermont dedicate themselves daily to study and exploration leading to important discoveries, then turn those discoveries into innovations—like “xenobots,” live nano-size robots capable of cleaning plaque from human arteries or toxins from waste systems—that are improving lives and communities near and far, now and for the future.

To study at this top research university is to have significant opportunities not only to expand frontiers of knowledge, but to extend connections between frontiers, says UVM Vice President of Research Kirk Dombrowski. “The longstanding focus of UVM on research in sustainability and the environment is at the top of the nation’s — indeed the world’s — priorities,” he said.  “Coupled with the university’s expertise in health, medicine and communities, UVM researchers integrate the health of societies with the health of the environment.”

The UVM Graduate College offers traditional and interdisciplinary academic programs, online degrees, and certificates. Classes are small, but the range of subjects offered in its graduate programs — from the natural sciences to professional training — is extensive. All capitalize on the exceptional caliber of the UVM faculty.

As a UVM graduate student, they will be your mentors as you create new technologies, revive traditional industries, conserve natural resources, inform public policy, and more.

UVM offers Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships through some departments and programs. Open to both domestic and international students, these positions generally grant tuition support from the university.

To make a real-world impact with a Top 55 US public university (US News & World Report), choose the University of Vermont.

Applications for 2021/22 graduate programs will open in late July.