study in France
Your dream to study in France could still come true. Source: Stephane De Sakutin/AFP

Ever wanted to study and work in France? Well, here’s a chance for you to take the first step at the University of Paris. The MIEM Excellence Scholarships will cover the online master’s programmes of 91 lucky students at the Faculties of Sciences, Health, Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) and the Paris Globe Institute of Physics (IPGP). It aims to promote the internationalisation of master’s programmes, thus attracting the best global talent to the country’s pool of future PhD students. 

The MIEM Excellence Scholarship could therefore be your inroad into building a scientific career in one of Europe’s leading countries. France has a long legacy in science and technology research and innovation, tracing back to the discovery of radioactivity in 1896. It is also the third nation — after the former USSR and the US — to launch its own satellite in space.

Who is eligible?

Degree holders from around the world are welcome to apply for a master’s scholarship to the University of Paris. To be eligible, you must be a foreign national. You must also hold a foreign baccalaureate or national diploma that confirms you have completed secondary education corresponding with the International Standard Classification of Education. Plus, you must also meet the selection criteria and language requirements of the programme you want to pursue.

Students with a French baccalaureate who have studied abroad are not eligible. If you are a foreign student who obtained your last diploma in France, or hold dual nationalities, you won’t be eligible too. This includes those who completed high school there.

What can I study?

You can pursue a master’s degree in science, health, social sciences, humanities, or physics; view the full list of eligible courses here. Some of these are taught in English. To break it down, there are 35 scholarships available for the Science Faculty, 28 scholarships for the Health Faculty, and 35 scholarships for the SSH Faculty. Only seven recipients will receive the IPGP scholarship.

How can I apply for a scholarship to the University of Paris?

First, you must complete this master’s application form and send it to the International Relations and Strategy Office (SRI) (scholarship.programs.miem-mires@u-paris.f).  Submit the relevant documents including your letters of recommendation, references, bachelor’s degree certificate (with marks), and a copy of your passport along with it. SRI will contact successful applicants by e-mail by April 15, 2021, and laureates will have 15 days from then to accept the scholarship.

Bonne chance!