University of Notre Dame: A transformative MBA for ambitious Latin American professionals
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University of Notre Dame: A transformative MBA for ambitious Latin American professionals

Despite having over five years of experience as a project manager, Isabela Jimenez from Bogotá, Colombia, realised that she needed an MBA to enhance her analytical skills. At Mendoza College of Business — a top-ranked business school — at the University of Notre Dame, she found the ideal institution to do just that. “I chose Mendoza due to the strong sense of community I experienced during the application process. Building meaningful connections and fostering a sense of belonging are paramount to me in my academic journey,” Jimenez says. 

Committed to growing the good in business, the Mendoza College of Business shapes students into future business leaders dedicated to personal growth, social responsibility and a moral purpose that benefits society. To that end, it offers several programmes to make you the best person you can be.

One such transformative programme is the Two-Year MBA. More than just a degree; it’s a journey that equips you with a robust toolkit to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. As you progress through the programme, you’ll benefit from a supportive community, exceptional faculty, and a globally renowned graduate network. With four flexible and focused academic pathways — finance, consulting, technology and marketing — you can tailor your MBA to align with your career goals.

Take Jimenez, for instance. She chose to focus on Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics. “I’ve taken courses like Marketing Decision Models and Applied Digital Marketing, which have enriched my knowledge and equipped me with practical skills that I’ve been able to apply effectively during my internship experiences,” she says. 

Another student, Camila Ramallo from Argentina, who chose the finance pathway, shares a similar motivation. “Choosing finance fills a knowledge gap for my future career. Also, the curriculum offers for finance are numerous, and I believe it can help me in whatever professional outcome I pursue,” she says.

Here, experiential learning is a vital component of the MBA curriculum. The programme offers unique opportunities for engagement with global markets. Just ask Joe Sweeney, Academic Programme Director for the MBA. “Our Grow Irish immersion programme allows students to work with businesses on real-time consulting engagements in cities across the United States and in places such as London, Dublin, and Mexico City. ” Sweeney says. “Plus, our MBA students can participate in Business on the Frontlines projects around the globe, where they use business skills to address complex issues related to economic inequality and conflict. Programmes like Mods Away allows students to broaden their worldview and directly engage with finance and technology leaders in Silicon Valley and Santiago, Chile.”

These experiences bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing students to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world challenges — something Ramallo can attest to. “In the first Grow Irish, I engaged in a brand management boot camp and Consulting Interview Prep, providing valuable insights for my career,” she says. “In the second Grow Irish, I travelled to Denver with a team to advise Leven Deli on their Go-To-Market and Expansion strategy, working directly with the CEO Anthony Lygizos. I was also involved in Frontlines Engagements, consulting in Honduras to evaluate and propose new micro business opportunities with OAF.”

The MBA Career Development team at Mendoza provides personalised coaching and a wealth of resources to ensure students achieve their career goals — 96% of the Class of 2022 received full-time offers within three months of graduation attests. The average salary and bonus of US$166,599 underscore the tangible outcomes of the Mendoza MBA experience.

Jimenez found engaging with Career Coaches has been an effective strategy for reinforcing her confidence in the quality of her CV. Their feedback and guidance have reassured her that her resume is not only well-crafted but also highly attractive to potential employers. 

Ramallo, who secured an internship thanks to the MBA Career Development team, agrees. “I had excellent coaches during my job search. Patrick Farran provided valuable support in consulting job search, being responsive and always available,” she says. 

The MBA programme’s success is reflected in its global recognition. It is ranked #2 in Global Alumni Effectiveness by The Economist (2022) and #5 in Global Alumni Network by the Financial Times (2023), The programme’s alumni network is a powerful resource, connecting students with influential professionals and mentors worldwide.

“Our alumni network spans the globe, providing unwavering support to our returning students and graduates in Latin American markets,” Sweeney says. “With active alumni associations in countries like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Argentina, our network is a testament to the robust Notre Dame community. Moreover, the University of Notre Dame’s global gateways in Mexico City, Santiago, and São Paulo foster essential relationships in technology and business, contributing significantly to these countries’ continued growth and leadership in the business world.”

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