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University of Nicosia: A first-class education in veterinary medicine

The World Health Organisation continues to advance a goal to achieve optimal health outcomes and recognise the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment. Simply put, the health of people is connected to the health of animals and the environment. This agenda is titled “One Health” and the University of Nicosia is a proud champion of its importance. 

Cyprus’ largest University – the University of Nicosia is one of the leading comprehensive research-oriented institutions in the Mediterranean region. Its commitment to overall teaching, research and innovation, sustainability, societal engagement and contribution to culture is evident through its expansive lineup of over 100 conventional face-to-face (on-campus) and distance learning online programmes at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels.

While its focus on healthier people and plants is exhibited through work conducted and lessons delivered from its Medical School and School of Sciences and Engineering, its passion for animals is most apparent in the School of Veterinary Medicine (UNIC Vet School).

University of Nicosia - Medical School

Source: University of Nicosia – Medical School

UNIC Vet School has recently announced a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) programme to offer first-class scientific and clinical training to a new generation of veterinary doctors, academics and relevant stakeholders for the improvement and nurturing of animal welfare, ethics, and public policy. The curriculum was designed in accordance with the EU directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications, consisting of equal emphasis on both theoretical and practical training. It is also fully aligned with the One Health agenda.

“It is exciting to offer students excellent training in veterinary education, underpinned by the concept of One Health,” explains Dean of UNIC Vet School, Professor Stavros Malas. “This concept is a collaborative effort recognised by global institutions which unite multiple related disciplines to promote the health of humans, animals and the environment they live in.”

To support such combinations, the programme leverages an integrative approach to deliver knowledge in a horizontal and vertical manner. The result? Students who comprehend the multifaceted science underpinning veterinary practice and research. In the process, learners will grow a better understanding of the basic biological principles of normal body function and disease. They will also gain the ability to distinguish the pathological from the normal, prevent disease and safely manage the processes of animal production.

UNIC Vet School further encourages multidisciplinary excellence by encouraging its DVM cohort to study closely and conduct research with other medical and health students at UNIC. This level of collaboration ensures the programme truly enhances the holistic concept of One Health

University of Nicosia - Medical School

Source: University of Nicosia – Medical School

“The close synergies between the School of Veterinary Medicine, the Medical School and other health-related departments at UNIC create exciting research and interprofessional learning opportunities for our students,” confirms Professor Malas. “We are at the forefront of offering holistic veterinary medicine that meets the collective health and safety needs of the modern world. This approach to global public health education is unparalleled.” 

The first four years of the DVM journey entail students learning about animal structure and function, followed by pathology, medicine and surgery. Exposure to animal care is introduced in Year 1. Throughout, clinical communication, diagnostic skills and clinical skills are nurtured in classroom sessions, lectures, guest lectures, laboratories, and various forms of practical work in advanced facilities like Anatomy and Clinical Skills Laboratories. Every summer, learners can choose the sites of their extramural studies, after having obtained prior approval by UNIC.

In the fifth year, students continue putting their newfound knowledge into practice by undergoing 26 weeks of compulsory on-campus or off-campus clinical rotations of small animals, farm animals and horses. Of course, every session is facilitated by an expert faculty member with valuable real-world experience. Their insights can facilitate the process of completing a major research project as well.

University of Nicosia - Medical School

Source: University of Nicosia – Medical School

The rigours of a comprehensive doctoral programme are easily balanced out in Cyprus — the safest country in the world for young people, according to data published by the World Health Organisation. UNIC is based in the country’s capital and largest city of Nicosia, which the Financial Times recently ranked first under 500,000 in Europe for lifestyle and education. 

Such titles make sense for a city that is just as historic as it is exciting. For example, monuments are in close proximity to night clubs and humble boutiques neighbour brand-new suburban malls. Cyprus is equally famous for its world-famous beaches, charming mountain villages, cultural activities and live concerts.

Thankfully, the city is filled with a variety of affordable housing options as well — all of which are just a short walk away from campus. However, all incoming students at UNIC Vet School are guaranteed accommodation in one of three brand new, separate complexes — SIX, U and TRIANGLE — which are among the most stunning student accommodations ever constructed in Europe. 

Located in the upscale neighbourhood of Makedonitissa in Nicosia, students in these complexes will be surrounded by UNIC’s vibrant campus, over 70 restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and bars. To secure your spot, click here to apply. In 2022, those who join get a scholarship of 20% for the duration of their studies for the inaugural class and may apply for an additional 10% financial need-based scholarship.

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