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University of New Hampshire: Relevant graduate degrees, successful students

Growing up in India, Surya Kranthi Siyadri always dreamed about studying abroad in the U.S. “As an elder son, I was expected to get settled in a career, get married and start a family. Leaving a well-paying job and aging parents was highly opposed.”

It took Siyadri seven years, but he managed to build up the courage he needed to pursue a graduate degree. After conducting detailed research on the many programmes available, he decided that the Master of Science in Information Technology at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Graduate School was right for him. It offers an in-depth focus on project-based education and hands-on work, which are necessary to prepare students for a professional career in IT or computing-related fields. Once he arrived in the US, he knew he’d made the right decision. 

Most UNH Graduate School students feel this way. The R1 top-tier research university builds its programmes around experiential learning and giving students direct exposure to their chosen fields. From biochemistry to business and economics, the programmes offered at UNH Graduate School are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the job market. 

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Learn from experienced and knowledgeable peers and professors at UNH Graduate School. Source: University of New Hampshire

Full-time MBA students, for example, can complete an internship and participate in experiential learning residencies in New York City and China. The costs of residency are included as part of the programme fee.

“The New York trip was surreal,” former student Tamilazhagan Ezhil enthuses. “Observing the operations at NYSE, NASDAQ, Blackrock, and fintech companies was an exciting experience. I didn’t have a background in finance, so the experience was a great way for me to gain some insight. We went to Peru instead of China because of COVID-19, but I still found that a valuable experience as it helped me understand how South American countries contribute to businesses in the U.S.”

UNH Graduate School’s Full-Time MBA is a one-year, cohort-based programme. It is unique in that it gives students the option to tailor their programmes around a number of relevant specialisations. These include finance, marketing, global business, growth and innovation, hospitality management, information systems and business analytics. 

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UNH’s graduate programmes are specifically designed to prepare students for their future careers. Source: University of New Hampshire

Brazilian student Julia Vieira also found the school’s focus on experiential learning useful to her career. “I was looking for a programme that would allow me to improve my quantitative skills, that was professionally driven and would deepen my knowledge of economic and environmental policy. I was fortunate to find this — and many more opportunities I never really considered — at UNH.”

Vieira certainly hasn’t let any of these opportunities pass her by. Since starting her Master in Public Policy (MPP) programme, she has used the many opportunities awarded to her by undertaking research as a Carsey Fellow, working with the town administrator in Goffstown, New Hampshire, and interning with the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute, all whilst completing her capstone research project. It brought her recognition by the school and her lineup of supportive professors and mentors — and won her the UNH Graduate Research/Scholarship/Creativity Award. 

UNH’s Professional Development and Student Success webpages offer a wealth of student resources specifically designed for graduate students and postdocs across all of UNH’s campuses. This includes opportunities to develop critical academic and professional skills like effective communication and graduate-level research, as well as supportive health and wellness programs. Students have the flexibility and freedom to utilise all the tools they may possibly need for professional, academic and personal development. 

Of course, that’s not to miss out on the university’s dedication to providing students with the career preparation they need to thrive after graduation. Students are encouraged from the get-go to explore a range of career paths, all according to their interests. This is mostly led by the Career and Professional Success team, who keeps busy by arranging opportunities for experiential learning, mentoring, networking, and personal growth. 

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Graduates from UNH Graduate School use the skills and knowledge they gained at university as part of their daily jobs. Source: University of New Hampshire

UNH also offers students programming for careers both within and outside of academia, alongside hands-on training for specific skills. There are a multitude of opportunities to explore, from attending various presentations, workshops, and guest lectures on higher education to getting practical training for specific skills. Whatever the option, UNH students are guaranteed to graduate with the experience and knowledge necessary to gain a competitive edge in the job market. 

This is certainly true for Victoria Fournier. “Once I graduated with my MBA, I got an amazing opportunity to become a Project Manager in an IT/Cloud field,” she shares. “This was a far cry from the domain I was originally interested in, which was recreation and sports management. Still, I love my job and wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity without my MBA and the Information Systems and Business Analytics specialisation. I have been working as a Cloud Project manager for two years now, and I’m really enjoying it.”

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