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When Claire left China for the first time in her life, it was in search of self growth. She arrived in Armidale, Australia in 2018 to enhance her passion for numbers at the University of New England (UNE). In true UNE fashion, every angle was covered to guarantee her a smooth transition.

Claire spent 10 weeks in its English Language Centre to improve her communication skills — an experience she easily summarises in just one word: precious. “The teachers in ELC were very professional and they were always ready to address language and academic issues for international students,” she says.

“They were always happy to provide information and suggestions, which solved a lot of our daily difficulties. I also made lots of friends from various cultural backgrounds. They were very nice to me.”

These connections remained strong well into her UNE accounting programme. After all, there was much to love about living in Australia — and most excursions involved quality company. Claire participates in a variety of activities so that she can meet new friends. For serotonin boosts and some healthy competition, she plays on the UNE Volleyball team.

Winter is just as lovely. “I joined Christmas events twice in town,” she says. “People sang popular Christmas songs during the event. I also tasted traditional Christmas food. On Christmas Day, I was very grateful and happy to meet an old lady who was very similar to my grandmother, and I took a photo with her before leaving.”

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Claire loves every memory she makes in Australia. Source: University of New England

Heartwarming narratives like hers are typical for those who choose to study in Australia. Little wonder why in the midst of a pandemic, many decided they would rather put their plans on hold than settle for anything less. Thankfully, the country had a strong public health response in place that comprised vigilant testing, tracing and quarantine measures. Today, since borders are officially open, more stories like Claire’s can be written. UNE is happy to assist every aspirant in the drafting process.

This dynamic institution is a global leader in research and academic innovation. It is also the only Australian public university awarded the maximum five stars for “Overall Experience.” Most importantly, it is open to all. When international students choose it, they don’t just forge enduring connections with like-minded peers, but with an approachable faculty as well. Everyone who calls this historic Armidale campus home makes a commitment to strengthen the connected community UNE is known for housing.

“Everyone from the qualified and friendly staff at the international student office to the IT desk and technicians in the laboratory exemplify the motto ‘we are here to help you’,” confirms Master of Science in Agriculture student Marlin. “They make me feel that I am in the right atmosphere. Furthermore, being a student at UNE helped me meet people from different parts of the world.”

Together, they evolve into experts. UNE’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes span agribusiness; business and law; economics; environmental and rural sciences; health and nursing; and science and technology. There are over 140 courses on offer.

University of New England

Enjoying life off campus and all of Australia’s lustre has never been easier thanks to the lifting of capped work hours for international students per fortnight. Source: University of New England

The best part? International students with their hearts set on UNE are eligible for the Accommodation Scholarship. Valued up to 11,000 Australian dollars, the award covers a single student’s housing fees for a maximum of two academic trimesters. Living quarters are fully-furnished and styled for learners — equipped with electricity, heating, water, free Wi-Fi, campus security, and Residential Student Support. Recipients get free airport or train station transfer within Armidale as well, and everything else an individual far from home could possibly need.

Another financial aid offered is the UNE International Bursary. International students commencing coursework studies at UNE in 2022 will be eligible to apply for the bursary, which covers a reduction in one’s annual tuition fees.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the University of New England and you’ll learn anything there is to know about taking on the rigours of work and a rapidly changing world with confidence. Future fit your life at the university known for producing satisfied students — click here to learn more.

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