Universities with waived application fees
Many institutions worldwide charge students to apply for their courses, but here are some universities with waived application fees. Source: Sean Rayford/AFP

There are many decisions to make when you’re considering studying. One question that may plague you more than most, though, is the cost. Choosing to attend university abroad is, undeniably, a huge expense, but you can opt to look for universities with waived application fees to help you save some money.

Some of the most expensive universities in the world are situated in the US, and even if you select a relatively affordable institution, your tuition fees and living costs can add up to over 60,000 US dollars a year. The UK, Australia, Canada, and other higher education destinations are notorious for their high tuition fees and cost of living, too. 

However, international students often forget that there’s an additional expense: a university’s application fee. Yes, that’s right — more often than not, you’ll have to pay to apply for university. In the US, this costs students around US$70. The UK charges around 70 pounds as well, and many universities across Australia charge similar amounts. Generally, this fee is non-refundable. 

There’s a reason for this — Admissions staff typically have to parse through thousands of applications from students worldwide, which can be very time-consuming. This can be costly for those applying to multiple universities at once. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a handy guide for all your application woes. Here’s a list of some universities with waived application fees.

universities with waived application fees

There are some universities with waived application fees in 2022. Source: Philippe Lopez/AFP

Universities with waived application fees to consider

Wellesley College, US

If you’re a female student looking to study liberal arts in the US, look no further. Located close to Boston, Massachusetts, Wellesley College is a private women’s university that’s aiming to provide female students with an unequalled educational experience. On top of that, it’s ranked number five in the US for a liberal arts education, notes its website.

Despite being a private college, Wellesley does not charge students a fee to apply for its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. 

Thomas Aquinas College, US

Thomas Aquinas College is another private university known for its expertise in the liberal arts. It has two campuses located in Ventura County, California and Northfield, Massachusetts, and offers a faithfully Catholic education. 

Students peruse the original works of history’s most influential authors across all disciplines, including in mathematics, science, language, literature, philosophy, and theology, making for a unique education.

Charles Darwin University, Australia

Charles Darwin University is a top 100 university in the Asia Pacific and the second institution in Australia for graduate employability. Despite being relatively young, the university has established itself as a strong contender in the academic world, building itself around values on social justice, sustainability, creativity and collective effort. 

With nine campuses spread across the country, the university has a breadth of expertise in a variety of sectors, including in engineering, sciences and mathematics, psychology, and social work. 

Looking to study overseas? There are many universities with waived application fees. Source: Alex Wong/AFP

University of South Australia, Australia

The University of South Australia is a public research university with a record of excellence and innovation in teaching. From smart scheduling of trains to conserve energy to driving advances in neonatal health, students and faculty at the university aim to address some of Australia’s greatest challenges. The University of South Australia does not charge an application fee.