Universities that balance excellence with an unrivalled student experience

Across the global education network, there’s a high demand for a balanced and steady approach to academics. We live in a society that’s increasingly globalised, and students are taking a closer look at the educational framework in place before selecting their most desired institution. Many international learners want to ensure their selected school provides a stable study platform for they can professionally grow, as well as one that will positively enhance their skills.

When you move to another country to study, sometimes it takes a while to settle into the daily routine. Since the experience can feel slightly uncertain at first, universities must provide a balanced and solid foundation to keep you grounded and secure. According to SciDev.net, Asian higher education providers have been asked to consider the value of the experience they offer. As the article states, “interculturalism, transdisciplinary methods, dialecticism and contextuality” must be implemented as the pillars of balanced and inclusive education.

By taking a closer look at those four successful elements, you’ll notice that interculturalism plays a significant role in any learner’s study abroad experience. For instance, if you’re looking to learn in one of the many global education hotspots such as Australia or Malaysia, you’ll want to ensure that cross-cultural dialogue is encouraged. So to achieve a solid understanding of modules and topics, there must be fluent communication throughout your student life.

Not only must an international university implement methods of interculturalism during study sessions, but they must also incorporate these methods into the school’s social scene. It’s important for you to be able to progress personally and professionally, so university must be seen as a journey from which you can build your communication skills and your confidence. That’s why many sites – including Study International – share beneficial techniques on how to be social while studying abroad.

If you’re moving to another country to switch up your surroundings, you really need to find an unrivalled student experience to match. There’s no point making that leap unless you’re certain that your study environment has something unique to offer. Perhaps your chosen location lets you surf along the gold coast during your spare time, or empowers you to learn a completely new language such as Bahasa Melayu; anything is possible when you immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture. It’s something that will also help you refresh your outlook on life. Just as the established author, Henry Miller, once wrote, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Here are the universities that balance excellence with an unrivalled student experience…


In the magical and multicultural city of Miri, Curtin Malaysia boasts a vast collection of courses to suit your aspirations. By familiarising yourself with the Malaysian state of Sarawak and with the world-class Curtin curriculum, here, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

With impressive international rankings to support its framework, the Sarawak campus is a global campus, and Asian hub of  Curtin University, WA. Surrounded by a stunning 1,200-acre garden landscape, you’ll be next to nature-infused national parks such as Lambir and the world’s largest cave systems at Mulu, and right next to stunning beaches at Miri

Alongside alternative campuses in Dubai and Western Australia, Sarawak completes the Curtin University package with its international focus and open-door policy. From your online application through to your arrival, the university guides you through every step of the student experience. If you ever need assistance, there are supportive Student Council and Career & Alumni services to help you get a job after your Sarawak study adventure.

What’s great about connecting with Curtin Sarawak is that once you’ve joined, you’ll be associated with a universal network of proficient educators and distinguished scholars. After graduating, employers will link you to this university’s global acclaim, paying much closer attention to your professional portfolio. And with links to a wide spectrum of campuses and services, you’ll forever remain part of the Curtin collective!


California State University, otherwise known as Cal State LA, combines chilled Californian vibes with a bright and innovative campus setting. With a long list of academic degrees, certificates and programmes, here, you’ll have the whole world at your feet.

As one of the university’s largest units, the committed Division of Academic Affairs grants students a professional and global education, dealing with effective teaching and learning methods while promoting social justice through the Center for Engagement, Service and the Public Good. By highlighting all areas of a positive educational experience, Cal State LA sustains a balanced study platform and a multidimensional syllabus.

One of the university’s leading attributes is the LA Golden Eagles baseball team. With multifunctional facilities to practice your swing, there’s a chance to become an integral member of this leading team, making a name for yourself throughout your time at Cal State LA.

To keep you striving towards your career goals, the university keeps a firm grip on its professional advancement opportunities. The institution aims to pull together the alumni efforts and the support of parents to create an equal academic environment for all. It’s time to push ahead with California State LA.


Founded in 1869, New Zealand’s oldest university is still making a prominent mark in today’s world. Throughout the years, the tranquil Otago scene has remained in the hearts of graduate students worldwide.

What makes the University of Otago stand out is its academic integrity.  By striving to remain honest and sticking to its core values, the school teaches students about the importance of growing into respected learners who remain grounded and supported throughout their New Zealand study venture.

The university adopts an inclusive approach to its application process, allowing students from all backgrounds to join the Otago community. The faculty places specific focus on Pacific development. Since education should be equal to all, Pacific Islanders are offered a strategic framework to join.

Just as the Otago pacific student community explains, “We all stay strong to that old saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child. That’s why, at the Otago Pacific Island Center, their strategy offers that same kind of family experience. They help to make your transition a lot easier and they do everything they can to ensure that everyone succeeds. At Otago, everyone is welcome to an equal and balanced lifestyle.”


There are many reasons to go to Griffith University. Based in the vibrant city of Brisbane, the institute pushes you to be remarkable. This is a school that believes everyone has the potential to go beyond the barriers of education and significantly contribute to society.

To enforce this vision, the faculty has intertwined these extraordinary values into its educational structure. With a diverse collection of Adult and Vocational courses of study, you’ll get to choose your preferred subject and receive unparalleled support from the beginning to the end of your Griffith experience.

If you’re interested in research and forward-thinking initiatives, you’ll be pleased to know that Griffith is advancing ahead with interactive projects and exploratory study strategies. As an example, Professor Michael Good is conducting the world’s first human trials for a blood-stage whole parasite vaccine against malaria.

Thanks to the revolutionary resources at Griffith, Professor Good has the potential to push his research efforts further and produce remarkable solutions. This is just one of the many projects taking place at this prime Australian institute and an ideal opportunity to add to your CV and catch the eye of potential employers.

*Some of the institutions featured in this article are commercial partners of Study International

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